Saturday, February 07, 2009

Watson, Belles plead not guilty, trial set for March 30

☛TS Watson, Belles plead not guilty
Two men arrested in December for their alleged connection to a drug-related home invasion robbery and homicide in Cutten pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Thursday.

Both Jonathan Henry Watson, 30, and Jason Leon Belles, 31, have been charged with murder, burglary, and robbery. Watson faces additional charges related to being a felon allegedly in possession of firearms and ammunition.

The charges were filed after 27-year-old Garrett Ryan Benson was shot and killed inside his home in Cutten on Dec. 3.

The two suspects will return to court for their pretrial, scheduled Feb. 10. Their jury trial has been set for March 30.

Only fair that Gallegos try this one himself. He who hath encouraged the pot trade....


  1. Even PVG could get a conviction on this one. The cops did a good job, caught the guys good, and even a pot grower on the jury would want to convict. No sympathy from any side.

    If these two don't get 25 to life something is really really really wrong.

  2. He's been laying low because he can't afford another public screw up. I agree. He will see this one as a slam dunk, and he will try it. The tout it to the rafters if he wins.


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