Friday, February 13, 2009


The Death Penalty? For the guys accused of stabbing, murdering really, Andrew Pease in the culmination of a string of five robberies? In front of witnesses.

The DA hasn't made up his mind because "it should be reserved for only the most heinous of crimes."

A-a-nd murder is...somehow NOT?


  1. Rose, Andrew was working with one of his young developly disabled clients, according to the Times Standard, when he was stabbed. And yes, the DA sounded lame as all get-out speaking about this crime.

  2. exrepublican2/13/2009 2:31 PM

    "The DA hasn't made up his mind....."

    i think this is the key phrase here.....jumping to quick conclusions seems to be rose's MO these days....

  3. As one who works in the justice system, I can tell you that prosecutors need to have firm, clear and justifiable processes in place to decide whether to seek the death penalty.

    While I don't begrudge our DA the time to process this decision, I am not alone in my lack of confidence that he will reach the right decision.

  4. Sigh. It's not about the TIME - of course he should give it due consideration. It's the MINDSET. The statement. The allusion that this is somehow NOT a a heinous crime. It is reminiscent of his wiffle-waffling over the "multiple personalities" of a man who had beaten his baby - he seems habitually unable to grasp what a bad guy is - going after Penne O'Gara and sean marsh with all his guns blazing, and then going limp when he has to face a real bad guy.

    Heck, why not just give the guys a polygraph and let him off with a wet-reckless. Mutter some mumbo-jumbo and say at least they'll be locked up.

  5. Putting murders to death is fine and all, but I don't agree that the state has the sole right to murder legally.

  6. Gags is moving slowly because, #1 he doesn't think that fast, #2 he's trying to appear deliberative like obama and #3 he's trying to milk the attention as long as he can. I wouldn't be surprised if at his next presser that he sticks out his lower lip ala clinton.

  7. The heinous crime is not the problem, it is the heinous criminal. The sociopath is the one that needs to be killed for a healthy society to continue functioning.

  8. exrepublican2/14/2009 8:13 AM

    you cant be serious! i think youve been reading rose's blog too long. the crime WAS the problem. the way that we determine that people are criminals is by the CRIME that they commit.

    you have alot of nerve coming on a public blog, that the victim's family can see, saying that the heinous crime that occured is not a problem. you have ALOT of nerve.....

  9. 10:18,
    your level of understanding of the workings of the justice system fits the general profile of the majority of rose's readers. is it just easier to pretend that our society is just a big joke? and then pretend like you care? or has our local education system produced generations of small minded, unproductive, non intellectual, overwieght morons who cant think for themselves?

  10. erepb [sic]/theo: "...has our local education system produced generations of small minded, unproductive, non intellectual, overwieght [sic] morons who cant [sic] think for themselves?"

    By typing the question, exrepub/theo gives us the answer.

  11. the "exrepublican" seems to be a current moron !

    Don't you have a job or something? Maybe you could get a puppy since no one will talk to you? Naw the animal shelter wouldn't let you have a dog Theo.

  12. exrepublican2/14/2009 7:02 PM

    luckily, i wasnt educated locally. thats why im able to hold a job and can think rationally.

  13. can I get you some catsup with those fries, ya right a job. As for an education, give it a break. Go back to Heraldo where you belong. You have no critical thinking skills at all. Your elitist attitude towards local folks and your leaving the conservative party shows what a pud you are in reality.
    You have a lot of nerve going on a public blog and running your fat mouth.

  14. "rationally" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .........

    theothermeexrepublican rational?? You funny.

  15. Good news this morning. It's been at least 72 hours since anyone was stabbed, shot, run over, or blown up, or robbed in Humboldt County. With some luck maybe this crime free streak can last a whole month?


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