Thursday, February 05, 2009

Suit targets water quality enforcement

The groups, which include the Sierra Club, the Environmental Protection Information Center, and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, claim the State Water Resources Control Board and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board have violated state law by allowing delays in enforcing water quality standards.

They want the agencies to draft enforceable standards on how much sediment can be allowed in streams and how warm streams are allowed to get from land uses like logging, mining, building and grazing. ...

Well, isn't this a lose, lose for farmers, wineries and timber IF you do believe in "Global Warming?"


  1. How do you decide what caused the warming of the stream? Who decides? Interesting that building is in there.

  2. The only issue is control. These self serving enviros will get anyone they can to join them with sweet lies and phony promises. Truth is it's all about power to them. The power to control everything. It takes money to do what they need to do. It takes money to live like kings in good old Humboldt. What ever it takes EPIC and their clones will do. Remember all hippies are equal,only some epic hippies are more equal than others. Just stop and think how many things have been stopped,closed,changed,restored,simply don't exhest any more.Now they want to stomp out the few remaining cows that are grazing while 300,000+ geese shit up all the wetlands. Just another baykeeper,epic scam. No fish were saved in the promotion of this power grab.

  3. Nobody is cow stomping. Are you goose stepping?

  4. Are you for real? You can do better than that Pete.

  5. I'm not going to get into the particulars, but you seem to be conflating two unrelated issues: Just because sediment makes streams warmer doesn't connect that problem in any way with "global warming."


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