Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Daily "You Are So Fucked" Report

...Talk about trillions of dollars has become so commonplace that billions seem minuscule -- even though a billion minutes ago Plutarch (46-120 A.D.) was alive -- and it is hardly worth mentioning mere millions, such as the $50 million for stimulus through the National Endowment for the Arts. But those millions elated Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., co-chairwoman of the Congressional Arts Caucus: "If we're trying to stimulate the economy and get money into the Treasury, nothing does that better than art." Nothing? Is Slaughter correct about what we're trying to do? Is the point of the government's stimulus spending to get more money into the government -- "into the Treasury"? She is not the first politician to desire prosperity for the people so that they could be more bountiful taxpayers.

"Never," said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., when voting against the stimulus, "have so few spent so much so quickly to do so little."...
Stimulating Cynicism


  1. Give it a rest. We were f***ked every day Bush was in office.

  2. No. You weren't. You just pretended you were.

  3. "Is the point of the government's stimulus spending to get more money into the government -- "into the Treasury"? She is not the first politician to desire prosperity for the people so that they could be more bountiful taxpayers."

    One could say this about the Bush bailouts as well.So this combined with virtually every other thing he had his hands on,was a pretty good fucking of his constituency.

  4. It's just not true, mresquan. Things actually went along pretty well until the Dems took control of the legislature- and all the honest accounts of the housing crisis point directly at Barney Frank, ACORN and the Democratic agenda (combined with negative amortization, AAA ratings and mark to market problems. All warnings were overridden by Frank and others, it is on tape, hasn't been flushed down the Memory Hole just yet.

    The market has dropped more than 2000 points since Election Day.

    The stock market (and the Fed, for that matter) is a forward-looking entity, and it doesn't seem to like Obama's proposed fix. At what point do we move beyond the "I inherited all of this" line, and start recognizing that Obama and the Democrats may be causing the economy to worsen? For those who of us who have no doubt that the Pork Bill will have little or no stimulative effect, the market is simply reflecting that reality.

    What is Obama's explanation? Where is the euphoria that The One's magic will turn this around? Where is the optimism that he is at least on the right track? It is because there is no reason to be optimistic. Nobody feels empowered by the stimulus to go out and start a new business, buy equipment, and hire new employees - their tax burdens are the same as they have been for years. Families don't have any extra money from tax cuts (rebate checks are not tax cuts) to go out and buy big ticket (or even small ticket) items.

    A simple experiment would prove the point that Obama is doing exactly the wrong thing to jump start the economy. If the president announced tomorrow that he was cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, and lowering each individual tax bracket by 5%, it is very likely the market would jump at least 2,000 points within a week. Tax cuts mean more jobs and more money to purchase goods and services, all of which serve as the primary engine of our economy. But Obama won't do that.

    So, is time to start affixing blame where it belongs.

    No one is going to risk their savings in a climate that looks down on success, and threatens to take away any gains - Obama has made it clear that he does both - content to live a lavish lifestyle of his own, while taking from others to redistribute other people's gains.

    Not to mention his doom and gloom message. That's the viewpoint of a "community Organizer" - class warfare, only now it is against "his" own people. He doesn't get it. To him this is another campaign to be waged, so that he can subjugate his "foes" and he views other elected officials who don't agree with him as foes.

    No only that, he is activating the activist network to lobby for HIM, not for the best interests of the people. The market knows the truth.

  5. We were f***ed 2,922 days in a row. That's how many days Bush was in office. The stock market woes are a product of the Bush economic depression. Obama's been office for a month. Give us a break.

  6. Obama has been in office just one month and already has spent close to a TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!

  7. Hey, I have taken all my money out of my savings account. Its in a safe now. The government will soon be freezing assets so its better to take it out and hide it. I am not making any money on it in the bank - why let them use it when the idiot Barney Franks tells the banks how to loan.

    so let me be the first to say fuck you Barney, go fuck with someone elses money, you ain't fucking with mine any more.

  8. exrepublican2/20/2009 12:24 PM

    you are putting yourself at risk sure someone on here can trace your ip address....if i had lots of cash at my house, i wouldnt be announcing it.....

  9. Humboldt Heretic2/20/2009 2:04 PM

    8:51 AM, Don't worry. If your "money" is in Federal Reserve Notes (and I'm willing to bet it is) it won't be worth shit anyway.

  10. exR - sorry, not buying your bullshit. Nobody on the planet or this blog can trace my ip. Dufus. Nice try.

    You sure assume a lot of things brother. Perhaps that why you are an ex.

  11. Which ever "anon" it was, It is becoming rather tedious in still blaming the evil's like blaming Obama for the next four years.

    A President does Not institute Policy.

    We have a Liberal Congress and Senate, led and outhpieced by the "venerable" Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Barney (Freddi and Fannie are sound) al.

    Bushs' fault? Nope. A bunch of greedy people, left unchecked by another "elected" group of greedy people.

    George Bush was not my favorite POTUS.....but he was in no way the most culpable participant in this meltdown.

    *note, verification word was "bushilan"....ironic, I think*

  12. The Bush Recession keeps on giving. How are you feeling today as the Dow prepares to drop below 7,000?

  13. Bush inherited a recession, pulled us out of that as well as surviving the after effects of 9/11 - til the Dems took control of the legislature. That's where the trouble begins. Blame Barney Frank. Your Bush bashing meme, though repeated by every single Dem, is not an argument that holds water when the market has dropped well over 2200 points since election day and drops by the minute as Obama's wonder boy tax cheat Geithner speaks, and almost as fast every time Obama opens his mouth.

    The only question now is how low witll it go?

    People are staying out of the market because of the anti-success, anti-business mentality of Obama and his devotees. The clear message has been sent that if you are successful you will be punished, and Obama will take your money to "even things out." That, coupled with ever increasing restrictions on businesses, and ever increasing fees is killing the economy and discouraging new life.

    Now he is holding summits to discuss what ought to be done - something that should have taken place BEFORE THE VOTE ON THE SPENDING ORGY.

    You'd have been all over Bush for every word he uttered, yet you say nothing about this fiasco.


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