Friday, February 06, 2009

Been rather boring

on the Gallegos front lately.


  1. It has been kind of boring on the PVG front. Makes you wonder.

    PVG seems to fair better when he keeps a low profile and doesn't talk to the press. But then there really is no press in Humboldt County. No Eureka Reporter to bring up some of the more newsy issues so the Times Standard doesn't even try anymore. No real coverage of what goes on in the court rooms.

    There have been other things to dwell on such as the economy, the Messiah taking office, and so on and so on.

    There doesn't seem to be a shortage or crime? In reading the On the Record portion of the TS it seems like everyone gets probation! What happened to people going to prison? Lets face it some people deserve to go to prison. What can you do? The bar around here is not set very high.

    As it stands in Humboldt County the super sweet plea bargains give the appearance of the justice system working, sort of. The streets and communities are not getting any safer. I don't beleive for a second that the crime rate is down. I get the impression that lots of crime actually goes unreported.

    One thing for sure ! Marijuana growers continue to make lots of money in Humboldt County.

  2. Hey what was PVG and that parade of people out on the Arcata Plaza yesterday doing?

    Anyone know?

  3. Dave Merserves birthday ?

  4. Looks like the boredom is about to end!

  5. Then there's the judge who said, in open court, that he's seen more DUI dismissals in the last few months than in 10 years on the bench, or something to that effect. People in the courthouse are fed up with this guy. And I don't mean the judge.

  6. PVG high profile cases

    PL lawsuit - Down in Flames (x3)

    Debi August - Down in Flames

    EPD chief and LT - DOWN IN FLAMES

    Bluelake chief - Down in flames

    wandering kid - down in flames

    with the above mentioned Big Time loser cases and the numerous others (including super sweet plea bargains) it's not a very impressive record.

    Humboldt hasn't had a decent law and order type DA since ??????? Farmer, no. DePaoli, hell no. Buffington, no. Feriogerro, no.

  7. is interesting, PG is desperate to hire lawyers and apparently no one wants any of the 5 attorney jobs he is offering.

    Maybe that explains why his office has taken over a year to act on various pending requests for warrants from local law enforcement agencies.

  8. Five? 5 vacant deputy da slots! that must put a strain on the workers in the office.

  9. Humboldt County has a perpetual posting for Deputy DA slots - the openings 12:54 notes were posted on the Ca. District Attornys' Association website in Sept., '06. Humboldt is a starter job - the pay is for shit but its a good place to learn how to do the job. There is always a lot of churning in the DA 1 and 2 slots, once the baby lawyers do a few trials and move somewhere with a decent wage - that's not PVG's fault. What's unusual is the 3 and 4 openings. Right now, with the economy and the state imploding, there are very few openings statewide in any DA office and some DA offices have been laying off - so it will be interesting to see if PVG can pick up a few prosecutors in these lean times or if his reputation (and the reputation of Humboldt) precedes him.

  10. I wonder if PVG will go for the death penalty on this latest murder?


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