Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little good news, please.

TARGET profit falls 41%...
MACY'S reports 59% drop...
OFFICE DEPOT shows $1.5B loss...
Home prices post record decline...
Consumer Confidence Collapsed to Record Low in February...
Bernanke Hope: Recession will end this year...
NYSE May Relax $1 Share-Price Rule to Prevent Delistings...
House Democrats propose $410B spending bill
Taxing pot could become a political toking point

All on Drudge this morning. Thought you'd like that last one.


  1. The chickens coming home to roost after eight years of George W. Bush in the White House. At least President Obama is trying to help the middle class instead assisting the rich rob the nation blind like they did under Bush.

  2. Nice to know someone has a clue what he is doing, he clearly does not. You should get a job as a late-night psychic.

    Don't worry, your class-warfare mentality, class envy outlook is accomplishing what you want, the market is down, people's retirement pans are wiped out, the housing market is tumbling in free-fall, and ACORN is occupying homes that don't belong to them. It's mob rule. Enjoy.

  3. You're not being honest, Rose. What's happening today is the result of years of economic mismanagement. The recession started last year. Nothing that Obama has done or failed to do in the past 30 or so days has had any affect on this snowball that hasn't reached the bottom yet. You know that. And you can't blame the Democrats in Congress because the economy had already started to turn south before they took control of the House.

  4. Oh horse shit 11:34.

  5. At least President Obama is trying to help the middle class instead assisting the rich rob the nation blind like they did under Bush.

    Obama helped Fannie Mae rob poor Americans blind. Do you really think that we, who have all the guns, apart from the military, will really buy your revolutionary bullshit?

    The reason why we don't let you people have guns is because you'd blow out your own brains, after killing the first 100 women and children around you.

  6. I love hearing you guys reason why te financial mess is all Obama and the Democrats fault.

    Keep the bullshit coming... while sitting at home without a job.

    Just blame everyone else. That helps. Throw in some expletives and you've basically wrapped up the typical thread on this blog.

  7. 12:37 are you unemployed and blogging at home again? Or is loco solutions paying you to do nothing constructive and just be nasty?

    Frankly, I just stop in to peruse when I have a break from my 6 figure a year job.

  8. Jon Huntsman Jr., Republican governor of Utah, said yesterday the Republican Party right now has "no credibility on fiscal responsibility." He also said the Republican leadership in Congress is "inconsquential."

    "I don't listen or read whatever it is they say because it is inconsequential -- completely," he said in an interview with the Washington Times.


    "Our moral soapbox was completely taken away from us because of our behavior in the last few years."

    See, Rose. That's honesty. You should try it. It's refreshing to see a Republican leader own up to the damage his party under Bush inflicted on this nation. I respect him for it.

  9. Wow, you're one hell of an American

  10. 1:32 - so you are refreshed that a republican owns up? Really? I tell you what, I will be more refreshed when my fellow democrats quit trying to blame others and stand up and say the "buck stops here!"

  11. If they were listening, Obama set the Democratic members of the Legislature FREE yesterday. He said explicitly that politics should not enter into the Spending Orgy discussions.

    In other words, those Dems are now FREE to say what they really think, which could include "Stop, Slow Down, give us time to at least read the thing!" to "Hey, that doesn't have anything to do with "Stimulus" get it out of there!" to "You can't spend your way out of a financial crisis."

    If you are the Democratic Governor of a State, you are now FREE to join Bobby Jindal in a critical and independent analysis of the funds being offered to you.

    You can now say, "I will not saddle the people of my State with your unfunded mandates, therefore I am rejecting these funds, no matter how much I wish I could take them."

    In short, if you believe he meant what he said, you are free to do the moral thing, not the party thing.

    But we know what he really meant. He meant Republicans better cave, and the 7 dems who did take a stand better get back in line. That's the sad thing.

  12. That's the sad thing.

    How about the California Republican party threatening to start a recall against State Sen. Abel Maldonado just because he choose to negotiate with the rest of the senate without following the Republican marching order? It is outrageous that your own party would alienate you for working together with the rest of the senate, and being lynched for simply thinking on your own.

    He's a man without a country now," said Republican strategist Dave Gilliard. "And in politics that's not a good place to be."

    It is truly a sad time to be a Republican.

  13. "It is outrageous that your own party would alienate you for working together with the rest of the senate, and being lynched for simply thinking on your own."

    You are kidding me right 6:16? Seems to me our local democratic party threw down one of its own last election when it pitted on democrat against another. Frankly, this happens all of the time and both parties are guilty so please don't make this a repub v dem thing.

  14. that should be "one" and not "on." I hate typos.

  15. You're comparing the State Senate vs. a Humbodt County election?

    Sorry buddy, go fish. It's just politics as usual from the Repub-rejects.

  16. Well we will just agree to disagree then. And for your information I am not a republican, I just call it like I see it.

  17. check your vision

  18. Order your wife around and not me 1:02. But, if you want simply a suggestion, check your closed mind.

  19. So O'Logo inherited a deficit then preceded to triple it. Then "promised" to cut it half by the end of "his first term". How is HE going to do that?? Oh right, by cutting government spending?? Cut defense spending as Iran builds a bomb?? Desert the people of Iraq and allow Al-Qaeda and or the Taliban to take over?? Empty Social Security?? Stoke up the Hopium pipes, Obots.

  20. It is quite insane, isn't it?

    The man who lives in a million dollar house he acquired through questionable means sits up there and lectures people about how much they make, and commands how much they will be "allowed" to make - the ruler of the Country doesn't understand it's business engine, and intends to punish those who create, and achieve... and the market goes down.. and people pull their money out of banks...

  21. I first heard the term rule( in reference to HIM) from Wolf Blitzer, when he said " as Obama begins his rule". That shocked me despots and monarchs rule. In a democracy, elected officials govern they aren't supposed to rule(are you listening Thomas Jefferson?) an interesting slip of the tongue from Wolfie. Indeed, Obama thinks he rules, and from his forked tongue there are plenty of rules for us that do not apply to HIM.

  22. Rose, your pathetic attempts to discredit Obama have grown old

    Stick to bashing the D.A. You're much better at that-

  23. Ahhh, you're right. I should at least acknowledge that he is good at SOMETHING. I mean the man can spend other people's money like nobody's business. In his hands, millions aren't even relevant anymore. Billions upon billions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars.

    It's really really impressive. And it's going to be a long 4 years.

    In the meantime -
    Michelle Obama Accepting Fashion Freebies
    the fashionable first lady the world’s been waiting for…waiting for her to pay for her fashions
    “Chicago has yet to recoup the $1.74 million cost of President Obama’s victory celebration in Grant Park — despite a burgeoning $50.5 million budget shortfall that threatens more layoffs and union concessions.”
    Obama for America, still owes Philadelphia nearly $24,000 for several pre-election events,

    And all while preaching 'fiscal responsibility' - and you want me to say what? It's all wonderful?

  24. That first linked article is great- an ad at the top the website spoofs Obama's name with BIn Ladin (where have we heard that from before)


    You guys are dispicable

  25. You must have been asleep for the last eight years.

    I notice you can't defend the spending. It seems that as long as Obama isn't Bush, he can do anything, say anything, take anything, and it is all cool with you.

    Here's some good news for ya - it appears he is removing the tax deduction for charitable contributions. Maybe that's 'cause since the feds are now funding ACORN and other "grassroots" groups with your tax dollars, they don't need your donations any more.

  26. ACORN is your Haliburton

    And I'm not worried about Obama's campaign oweing Philly 24000. I'm sure that will be taken care of- and 1.74 for the victory celebration? Chicago's Chamber of Commerce would have spent 10x that amount to ensure his vctory speech had Chicago as a backdrop. Any major city would have accepted that offer.

  27. Say anything. DO anything. Justify anything.

  28. Instead of worrying about 24,000 owed to Philly, why don't you worry about the $600,151,593,061 spent on the Iraq war thus far? The stimulus seems like a great deal compared to that number. Spend locally, right Rose?

  29. 2:19:
    Obama is seeking an additional $75.5 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of the current fiscal year. He is requesting $130 billion for military operations in the two wars for 2010, which would be down from the roughly $140 billion he expects will be needed this year.

    Washington spent about $190 billion on the wars in 2008. Obama looks likely to order U.S. combat troops to withdraw from Iraq over about 18 months, according to U.S. officials. At the same time, he is ramping up the military effort in Afghanistan.

    $25,573.48 PER TAXPAYER...
    Record Government Note Auction; Unprecedented amount of debt... Developing...
    and it goes on and on and on

  30. And, by the way, 2:19, BECAUSE, Obama has nearly tripled the Deificit "Bush Left Him:" Already... ...in reality, Obama and Democrats will likely quadruple the national deficit in the first few months of the age of Obama:

    And because ...Democrats have already spent twice as much as the cost of the War in Iraq.
    They are likely to spend 6 times as much as the total cost of the Iraq War before they are through with their bailouts.

    The "deficit they inherited" is a drop in the bucket to what they are doing to this economy.

    But, don't expect the media to point this out.

    Check out the chart on that site.

    Obama SAYS one thing and does another. And you guys line up to defend the indefensible.


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