Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time for a change, today's TS Op-Ed makes some great points

☛TS Time for a change
1. Today Assemblyman Wes Chesbro has no reason to be accountable to our community and every reason to be accountable to his party leadership since they control his employment potential and welfare even during those periods when he is not in elected office. This is exactly what he does.

Legislators... need to challenge the dysfunctional party structure dependent operational mode that pervades the current legislature.

Absolutely right. In Sacramento and at the National level. Not just Chesbro.


  1. This was an awesome My Word editorial that not only nailed the current state budget crisis, but offered workable solutions that involve holding individuals, the media and our elected officials accountable.

    Well stated, Glenn !!

  2. Glenn is the most consistent clear thinking voice in Humboldt Co. When he speaks in public meetings he leaves me in awe. This is a man of true class. Wes should should take classes in ethics from him.

  3. To bad Glenn didn't include Lovelace in his "My Word". The worst of all horrors has happened. Mark paid up on his debt,he has appointed the coastal commission zealot and our former county counsel to our planning commission. Looks like Glenn and the rest of the bill paying public will have to pack up and leave the free peoples republic of humboldt.

  4. Faust is as smart as the come



  6. Glen has benefited from the very system he decries. His PERS retirement allows him to take home a retirement of 90 percent of his highest annual salary.

    Pretty convenient to start complaining now.

    These high public safety wages and benefits are the exact reason that cities like Vallejo have declared bankruptcy; Vallejo did so to get out from under these ridiculous wage and benefit packages.

  7. If only Faust was as smart as they go.


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