Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where are the reporters?

Last Tuesday's Board of Supervisor's meeting is replaying on Channel 10. The abatement hearing on Schectman's Vilica Plantation, complete with photos of leveled plateaus with dozens of 40 x 100 foot greenhouses... environmental/stream degradation and all kinds of non-permitted construction... stupendous violation of the County's 100 pot plant limit... claims of exemption under TPZ rules with no THP filed, a shell game with principals appearing to hide behind serial LLCs.

Have there been ANY stories in the papers? Where are those heavy duty reporters for the Chronicle and LA Times? One assumes they do some stories on their own, that they don't always rely on PR from Michael Shellenberger. Where's the KPIX reporter who got the private bay-keeper tour?

Here you have the man Salzman put up as a shill to run in the Recall election, a man who was let into the DA's office as a "pro bono" lawyer, a man who has made his bones suing Palco over environmental degradation at the heart of this story. His alleged partner, Josh Hedlund is the son of a former Supervisor.

There're big names and big money involved - in excess of $5 million - yet not a peep from heraldo, that champion of land use planning and Palco haters everywhere...

Maybe there will be something in one of the weeklies next Tuesday


San Francisco Chronicle - 12 charged in raid of pot, guns, cash


  1. Good point(s) Rose. I've been wondering this myself. Schectman is PVG's good friend, associate, former co-worker (as a one and only pro bona DDA on the Palco suit). Joshua Hedlund was indicted by the feds out of a massive marijuana case in Berkely in O5 or 06. There is BIGGER money than you and I can imagine, big names too, local names. Too many "connected" people making big bucks.

    As mentioned before this is organized crime.

    Hearldo and Eric Kirk haven't said sqwat about this oh so obvious PR nightmare for this dope syndicate and their supporters !!!!!

    Keep up the good work on this Rose. Schectman, Hedlund, and his buddy need to feel the heat.

    I wouold say report them to the IRS but we all know that they are chickenshit bureaucrat' s that only have the balls to go after low level tax dodgers, deadbeats, and mostly normal people.

  2. Organized crime/Humboldt County mafia?

    I don't see Schectman, who couldn't even afford to pay the interns coming up with $5.8 Million, nor Josh Hedlund, whose Dad was one of the good guys, what the hell happened?

    So many questions.

    But this one is federal in scale - so if Schectman figured he was safe because Paul won't prosecute him... from the looks of things, I'd be high-tailing it to the border.

    Can corporate LLC veils be pierced?

    Isn't it IRONIC!!!! The Measure T anti-corporate nutcases hiding something like this - the hypocrisy, it is STAGGERING!

  3. The local media is, and will, ignore this. Too many people are making too much money. The easy money has infected or corrupted lots of people. They justify what they are doing kind of like people did in the 70's and 80's when the common copout was " just supplementing" your income or Bob and Suzie are doing it.

    And for those who think it can't happen here, think again. Former NY police commissioner Bernard Kerick is charged with corruption (receiving moneyand services), the sheriff of Orange County is or has been charged with corruption. Former Navy pilot (Ace) and congressman Randy Cunningham, currenlty in prison for corruption.

    With the millions upon millions of dollars from the hugh Humboldt underground marijuana industry don't fool yourself for a minute thinking elected officials and public officials are not affected by this money, if not flat out corrupted. In the early 80's a retired CHP and the retired Lieutenant of the Garberville Sheriffs office where arrested for growing marijuana.

    And it becomes neccesary to keep big (non local) businesses out.

  4. where is this property located at? and who is schectman? did he get busted? ive missed the news the last few days or so....

  5. Was he busted? Don't know. Can he be busted? Don't know. Is he protected by "corporate personhood"?

    Who else is involved in the two LLCs?

    Who's making the property payments on almost 6 million dollars worth of debt? Or did they pay cash for the property? What are the payments on 6 mill? $30,000-$50,000 a month? What interest rate are they paying? Is someone carrying the note? Or was it a bank loan?

    Did "Vilica LLC" donate money to any political candidates? Did "Paradise Palms LLC"?

    What does Vilica stand for? First two letters of his wife and kids names? Or someone's wife and kid's names?

    Where's Diane Beck and the Sierra Club's outrage over this TPZ landholder? Oh - because he is on your side it is all forgiven? He hates Hutwitz and loves Gallegos so he is invisible to the law?

    Yeah - there are alot of questions - and still no peep out of Mark Lovelace and "heraldo" ....

  6. rose,
    where do you see that they paid $6 mil for that property? hoopa real estate values are the lowest in the county. 3 40 acre parcels cant be worth more than $1 mil, tops. i looked at the pics provided by the county courthouse, and i have to say that a broken down trailer with a couple of hoop greenhouses is not worth $6 mil, more like $60,000.....really

    ......and those greenhouses? that was no large scale grow, that was a funky operation at best. did you see how narrow those greenhouses were? they were NOT 40' wide, they were 8'-10' wide. there was nothing at that site that would suggest a successful grow operation. the county saying that the property is a problem, not that it is a large scale grow...

    and who lives at the property? i couldnt tell if the property was accessed off of supply creek road or pine creek road. i know the hoopa valley quite well, and i wonder the degree to which a property must be degraded in order to bring an abatement on an owner. many many many properties in the valley are in much worse condition than the pictures show Villica to be in....

    anyways, doesnt seem to be a pressing story, not too much excitement in an abatement case. i the fact that hes involved with gallegos doesnt really concern me...

  7. where do you see that they paid $6 mil for that property

    I posted that information earlier:
    Assessor Parcel Information a 38 page pdf document

    36 parcels - most lumped into one transaction for$5,803,000.00 + one parcel for $200,000 - if I read it correctly. Check it out.

    The size(s) of the greenhouses were referred to when the County Investigator testified before the Board as to what he found on the property, as he was showing the slides. They varied, I simplified it to 40 x 100 foot, which is, I believe, what he stated at one point. He also mentioned 36 feet, as I recall. I'll see if I can link the County's taped archive. I took notes but it wouldn't hurt me to watch it again.

    Is this the spin you're going to try to sell, that it's really nothing? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

    I'm asking questions - no one has put all the pieces together that I know of - sounds like you might have some pieces of the puzzle there... care to share?

  8. Nothing that would suggest a successful grow operation?

    You're joking, right?

    The purchase price(s), the costly bulldozer work cutting in roads, leveling plateaus, tilling in potting soil (according to the investigator's testimony, if I heard him right), installation of a water tower, all those "greenhouses" water lines... none ' that comes chaep my friend.

    Neither does the mortgage payment - how much do you think it is? Who's making those payments? And WHERE is that money coming from? Schectman? Hedlund? Some as yet unknown out-of-area partners?

    What constitutes a successful grow in your book?

  9. This guys not being up front Rose.

    Just the cost of the property, the LLC costs, the cat work, and all is $$$$$$$$. There obviously was BIG money behind this one from the git go.

    Can they be prosecuted? F'ing A they can. That is with a real DA or maybe the AG's office.

    I wonder if the Humboldt Dem's are going to request the AG look into this? Maybe CREG will pitch a bitch to the AG ? Maybe ? NOT!

    It appears as if this is a criminal enterprise. But what kind of action can you expect when one of the subjects is PVG's good bud(dy).

  10. Here's the story of Schectman and the interns: (From the Arcata Eye)

    In August, 2001 and January, 2002, Arcata civil attorney and District Attorney candidate Steve Schectman was on the receiving end of $42,655 in state-dispensed justice over a dispute with four former employees.

    The Labor Commission determined that the four were employees rather than independent contractors, and awarded them back wages, interest and penalties....

  11. Schectman said any inference that he doesn’t understand labor law or is not fair to workers is inappropriate. "I understand labor law; I’ve worked most of my career in support of labor," he said.

    What happened? ...The labor ruling hinged upon hundreds of hours of work done by four apprentice legal workers between 1998 and 2001.

    Angela Wartes, Steven Christianson, Jamie Romeo and Stephanie Bennett, activists for environmental groups including EarthFirst!, performed research and office tasks as part of an apprenticeship program that satisfied California State Bar requirements.

    Much of the work done during this time involved two high-profile cases against Pacific Lumber Co. One centered on David "Gypsy" Chain, the forest activist who was killed by a felled tree in 1998, and another for residents of Stafford, whose community was destroyed by a landslide in 1996.

    Schectman contended that the individuals had worked as independent contractors and that their agreement stipulated a $1,000 per month payment, based on a 30-hour work week, 18 hours of which were unpaid. Schectman said that these unpaid hours were bartered for legal experience.

    However, the Labor Commission found that Wartes, Christianson, Romeo and Bennett qualified as employees....

    He hired the little Earth Firsters! And then he stiffed them, and they had to recoup in court.

    From the day he entered the political scene here, people have said of him "This is the kind of lawyer that gives all lawyers a bad name."

    And yet the media ate up his story during the Recall. But when Gallegos put him on as a "pro-bono" attorney on the PL case, the Times Standatd issued a couple of editorials critical of the move, and many others asked, "Do you really think Schectman is working for free?"

  12. Partial list from that pdf file:
    8/18/2006 transfer amount $5,803,000.00
    Buyer: VILICA LLC

    value $7,809 75.500 acres

    value $16,837 165.000 acres

    value $17,154 162.000 acres

    value $16.476 164.000 acres

    value $14,374 118.000 acres

    value $10,400 80.000 acres

    value $4,784 41.000 acres

    value $10.541 89.00 acres

    value $4,360 40.000 acres

    value $10,435 65.000 acres

  13. follow the money .........

    this could be very very interesting!

    still no comment from PVG, or Heraldo.

  14. Maybe PVG could bring an unfair business practices for all the environmental crimes on the property. And what about the lack of proper permits, a la PALCO.
    And what about... Oh wait. PVG
    Dope. Schectman..

    Never mind

  15. For some interesting reading you might want to "google" Schectman and Hedlund!

    Hedlund was arrested in 2006 on a bunch of charges (marijuana, conspiracy ?) from a case in the east bay area. There are 11 others charged too (May 13, 06 SF Chronicle artlce). The local cops and DEA seized 5800 marijuana plants, a dozen GUNS, 117 pounds of processed marijuana, and $220K in cash !

    And google shows Schectman's history and connection to PVG.

    It is amazing how nobody has jumped on this (other than Rose of course)? Must be hoping it will just go away or at least people will forget about it.

    I'd like to know who put the money down for the 5.8 million dollar purchase, how much the down was, what the monthly payments are, if there is a baloon payment, how the money was paid (business check, cashiers check or ?), who bailed out the 12 arrestees, and so on.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Has the county councel officially passed this off PVG?

  16. this is how I see it, the BOS and planning ought to be shutting down these sites in TPZ as they are not compatable uses with TPZ property. For once have staff get off their asses and enforce the existing laws.

    For one thing these are compatable uses:

    Compatible use is defined in section 51104, subdivision (h), as:
    "Compatible use" is any use which does not significantly detract from the use of the property for, or inhibit, growing and harvesting timber, and shall include, but not be limited to, any of the following, unless in a specific instance such a use would be contrary to the preceding definition of compatible use:
    (1) Management for watershed.
    (2) Management for fish and wildlife habitat or hunting and fishing.
    (3) A use integrally related to the growing, harvesting and processing of forest products, including but not limited to roads, log landings, and log storage areas.
    (4) The erection, construction, alteration, or maintenance of gas, electronic, water, or communication transmission facilities.
    (5) Grazing.
    (6) A residence or other structure necessary for the management of land zoned as timberland production

    I do see a single family home there. What I do not see is a shit load of greenhouses and pot gardens.

    Enforce TPZ, ban major dope grows, allow single family homes and enforce the existing law.

    Oh but wait now....haven't member/s of the planning department been busted in sohum for growing lots of dope? Answer+yes.

    Why enforce the existing laws re: criminal enterprises, when you can go after law abiding folk screw them and insure that the criminals will go on indefinitely violating our zoning, land use and environmental laws.

    My god this place is corrupt and it is time for the middle class to take back our rights from the dope growers.

  17. Interesting points. Yes, the planning guy even wrote a report on the economy of Humboldt - I'll see what I can pull up.

    But I agree - prosecute the criminals.

    Leave the law abiding people alone. Planning and zoning, and the building department should be there to assist the families who want to build legitimately - this was all discussed back in the 70s - NOT penalize them while allowing the Schectman's/LLC's of the world to put in a major illegal operation - oh I know, maybe he was going to import Dutch tulips... innocent until....

    Still so many unanswered questions.

  18. a. hedlund was busted with plants, ect. and will have to face those charges. they have nothing to do with schectman. being business partners with someone who once grew pot is not illegal. anyone with the smallest amount of legal knowledge knows this.

    b. where was hedland caught with the plants? wasnt it on the ranch that the county is hassling mckee on? the one up alderpoint road?

    c. groups commonly invest in timberlands, its perfectly legal. how much $ they put down or what their monthly payments are should not matter to anyone other than the parties involved.

    d.back to the issue of the "greenhouses"......throwing a hoop greenhouse up in not much of a monetary sorry to break it to you........$18 for a roll of 15x50 plastic and about $2 per section of piping for the frame...a serious "grow" is not done in a hoop greenhouse!!! there is NO ventilation. ANY decent humboldt bud molds in the hoopa heat trapped in an unventilated hoop greenhouse.

    d. again, im sorry to have bring reality into this discussion, but there are NO signs of a sucsessful grow operation. who was living at this property? a couple of dreadlocked hippie kids? a few native americans? some drunken,meth using humboldt good ole boys? are any of those sort of folks able to run a multi-million dollar business? have any of you ever been up pine creek road? or supply creek road? those areas are the LAST place on earth that i would associate with a successful multi-million dollar industry hiding beneath everyones noses...everyone knows everyone and everything that they do in Hoopa!!!!!as time goes on, i will ask some people what they know. word spreads fast in these hills...

    e. last, but not least. people, if you have secondhand knowledge of a story, by all means, give us the scoop. But, if you have NO information other than hatred, dont comment. on issues such as the local pot scene, these posters come across as fearful of the "unknown" and therefore make silly claims.

  19. You raise some good points, 11:21.

    I guess my question is, if this operation was just being set up - thus no grow YET - how much more is there? And where? How extensive is the network?

    The investigator did say there was some pot confiscated here though - that must have been by Sheriff's deputies... I'll see if I can link to the BOSups podcast.

  20. "business partners with someone who once grew pop" ? Now that is funny.

    It was last year! When was Vilica incorporated ? And once again, where did the money come from?

    Seems like 11:21 is pretty knowledgeable about the costs associated with "throwing up" an outdoor greenhouse. He must be a tomato grower right?

    Hearldo was asked point blank about not commenting on this. After awhile he comes back with some lame remark about commenting on it latter. Let's face it Rose, this one is tooo hot to handle.

    where there's smoke there's fire, right?

  21. 10:44,
    comment on WHAT? what is the issue here? ABATEMENT, not tax evasion or possesion of hundreds of pounds of pot...get a grip....

    where is ANY evidence of a grow? who trimmed the herb? any sizable operation would need a crew of AT LEAST 10-15 trimmers for a month...who sold it? who bought it?...having no evidence and making claims makes people come across as silly and shallow.

    and it doesnt take a degree in construction management to look at the county's pics and see that the greenhouses consisted of polypipe and clear plastic sheeting......maybe you should try doing some sort of building project to get an idea of how things work and how much building materials cost.....

    who in humboldt county hasnt put up a hoop greenhouse at one time or another to either start plants or to keep plants over the winter?

  22. Hahahaha, I'm sorry, but....

    ARE you trying to say Vilica was in the hothouse tomato business? Maybe rare orchids?

    Good God, man. How stupid do you think people are. We've just been treated to a whole array of people saying no one wouyld pay 6 mill for property up here - and lo an behold - a sale of that magnitude emerges. And with all the derision about "trophy" properties and little "kingdoms" - I'll take THOSE ANY DAY over this.

    TheOtherMe - have you watched the testimony in front of the Board? Maybe you should.

    And I STILL haven't heard any peep of condemnation from Ja- I mean the Sierra Club crowd.

  23. and you never will (hear a peep from the Sierra club). They don't care, or won't speak up, when there's weed involved. Why? Because weed is BIG money, easy money. Well maybe it's because Big easy money corrupts people,communities, and even organizations.

    And here is a burning question? Why is Schectman sooooooo quiet? If he hasn't done anything wrong he could just put out a press release and explain things, he know's how that's done from when he ran for DA. Poor little Stevie. And Stevie is PVG's good buddy! A political supporter! A pro bono (free) volunteer Deputy DA only for the Palco suit. And isn't that Ken Miller's favorite cause? And his second favorite cause is his hatred for the EPD.

    My my, isn't this interesting.

  24. rose,

    a. most likely, those greenhouses were associated with whomever lived in the trailer. tomatos could quite possibly have been started in them, or other vegitables or maybe marijuana. the trinity/klamath valley is the main supplier of farmers market produce. hoop greenhouses litter the valley. again, if this operation is as large and illegal as you are assuming, why would it be so trashy as to alert the government? i still havent heard a theory as to who was living in the trailer.......trashy people keep trashy places, right? trashy people dont run multi-million dollar operations, right? connect the dots...

    b. i have kept up with the county's attempt to put a moritorium on permits on TPZ lands. why would you assume that i hadnt? are you also assuming that i am i favor of halting permits? you would be wrong if that were so. i am very much against the govt taking property rights away. that being said, i beleive that permits will be allowed after the 45 day moritorium is up. it sounds to me like the supes wanted to send a message to texas. message sent,im sure we will be back to business as usual in the future im not agasint palco's "kingdoms" either. if they can get buyers for them, more power to em. what does the TPZ ruling have to do with this abatement? if anything, if the county toughens up its stance on rural permits, MORE people will be doing things without permits. thats what i would do if the county wasnt willing to issue a permit for a cabin. id build my road and cabin and develop my water supply without permits and wait for them to hassle me. what other options does a rural owner have? not develop his/her property?

  25. 6:54,
    if growing weed is so easy, why are most of the posters on here so ignorant on how its done?

    a.where do you get seeds? do you keep them alive? do you keep them hidden? do you know when to harvest? will you cure it?
    f.who will manicure it?
    g.who will buy it?

    mold, rats, spider mites, rip offs, cops, rain, deer can all cause problems...

    not to mention the fact that most large buyers want INDOOR weed these days. its much more uniform and generally higher quality. outdoor growers are having to sell for lower prices due to the indoor market. growing indoors poses its own challenges, but we wont go into that now..this is just weed101...

  26. Oh, I think this is a much bigger story than you want us to believe, otherme. I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out.

    Guess you haven't watched the tape - the investigator talks about the evidence suggesting who might have been living/staying there... laptop, Xbox, stuff like that...

    So many other little trails coming and going from this story - it's funny to watch you try to downplay it...

  27. rose,
    you say its a big story, but you have no evidence. you can keep insisting that its a big story all you want. that doesnt make it a big story, evidence does. the minute you show me some evidence, ill stop downplaying the situation. ive been around the block, show me some facts and i can tell you what sort of grow opertation was being run there....the fact that the cops found an xbox and a laptop in a broken down trailer with a decrepid hoop greenhouse out front in HOOPA, doesnt mean that it was a multi-million dollar operation like you are insinuating.....

    again, you may be right, but show me the evidence! that way we can piece together the puzzle. guessing what happened or is happening is fruitless....

  28. Decrepit? Looked brand new to me. Like things were just gettin' started - ahh, but what do I know, I have only seen what was on the screen while the investigator was presenting his evidence to the Board... some mention of hispanic males...

    Y'er right about one thing, though, I don't know a whole hulluva lot about growin' dope.

    What does it sell for these days?

  29. "theotherme", split personality ?

    Get real. I've been around the block once or twice myself. This is a big operation; the purchase of the property (5.8 million), the LLC to cover, hide, and confuse the authorities, several people acting in concert to grow and sell weed.

    In 2006 Hedlund is arrested and charged with 11 others (Brian, Jonathan, Scott, Andrew, Rory, Kerek, Jeffery, Todd, Brent, Reed, and Rick ... "google") in a marijuana conspiracy case. Houses in Oakland, Castro Valley, Antioch, and Brentwood were searched along with the big grow (5800 plants)at a house in Berkley (809 Allston Way "google"). I also read that 12 guns were seized along with over $220K in cash (that is serious money to be keeping around the house) and over a hundred pounds of weed (Over $350K in weed).

    The real story, or curiosity, is Schectman's involvment. Not just because he's a slimey attorney (cheating his interns out of pay & more)but because of his friendship, support, and connection to the sitting District Attorney. IF nothing else it looks bad. I think it looks real bad. And with nobody talking about it or reporting on it makes it seem very strange.

    I'm sure certain people are very concerned about this being opened up and exposed. This has the potential to cause lots of embarassment. And I hope it does. I hope all those involved are publically exposed.

  30. You also said: "if growing weed is so easy, why are most of the posters on here so ignorant on how its done?

    a.where do you get seeds? do you keep them alive? do you keep them hidden? do you know when to harvest? will you cure it?
    f.who will manicure it?
    g.who will buy it?"

    Funny, 'cause I'd guess it's so easy any high school kid could do it. And that doesn't even factor in that there are people who will help you set up a grow house - kind of a "wedding planner" like deal...

    Why are you continuing to pretend this is no big deal? As if this is the only operation of it's kind anyway...

  31. San Francisco Chronicle
    12 charged in raid of pot, guns, cash
    Henry K. Lee Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Twelve men face federal drug charges stemming from a Berkeley raid that netted 5,800 marijuana plants, a dozen weapons and $220,000 in cash.

    The March 15 seizure at 809 Allston Way was the largest haul of marijuana Berkeley police have made in years and led to searches of homes in Oakland, Castro Valley, Antioch and Brentwood.

    The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has since joined the case.

    The defendants are Brian O'Leary, Jonathan Ford, Scott Burghardt, Andrew Brainerd, Rory MacDougall, Derek O'Day, Jeffery Ford Jr., Todd Tisue, Joshua Hedlund, Brent Tageson, Reed Olson and Rick Knott.

    This article appeared on page B - 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle

  32. rose,

    i think we have been looking at different pics. im referring to pics the county of humboldt posted regarding the abatement hearings. they show a broken down trailer with a few hoop greenhouses in front that had no greenhouse coverings on them. im not sure what evidence you are referring to.

    "Why are you continuing to pretend this is no big deal? As if this is the only operation of it's kind anyway..."

    the only operation of its kind? youve yet to spell out ANY details to this so called "operation"....none...

    im sorry, purchasing high price property was legal last time i checked.and being involved with a guy who got busted in berkeley is legal too..

    evidence folks...

  33. theotherme, you funny! transparent but funny.

  34. Schectman is a criminal.

  35. 6:21,
    thanks, transparency is a beautiful thing. doesnt win me much $ in poker though..

  36. "...Sound and fury, signifying nothing..."

    Will Shakespeare in MacBeth

  37. so Heldlund is under federal indictment for 5800 plants and 220,000$. No wonder he and Schectman are in business. Those 2 have set up an LLC to try and protect their dope business. They own Villica, Villica owns the land, it orally owner finances the land to these creeps from Southern California who pay Villica rent/payments until they leave and Villica gets the land back and keeps reselling it. The establishment of the LLC is a sham.

    And to think that Shectman has been deputized by Gallegos as a deputy DA is unbelievable. Didn’t see that in the headlines in any papers.

  38. Of course you didn't see it in any paper. Gallegos get's a free pass on this one even from the ER.

    Maybe the fed's can put Schectman before a grand jury ? I'm sure he would claim the 5th. Maybe the fed's could offer Hedlund a plea bargain to expose the truth about those involved in this Vilica? I think it would be great to see a few attorneys go to prison.

  39. Interesting thought. I wondered if Schectman would turn on whoever put up the money.

    Ahh, but according to theotherme, there's nothing here, don't believe your eyes, it's just a road and a trailer, and you have no proof that anyone was even living there.

  40. Josh Hedlund is a vile and parasitic organisim. His seeks out naive kids and lures them with promises of big bucks to run his grows. The kids are the "owners" of the the properties but Josh recieves the profits from the grows in the form of outrageous land payments. Hedlund thinks he is very clever; he thinks he has come up with a fool-proof plan to run grows and escape prosecution. The kids go to jail and Josh goes the bank. Where did he get the seed money. Through dope dealing, propety fraud, familiy money and last but not least armed robbery of growers! Said armed robbery involved many local kids, who were duped into participating under false pretenses. Villica is far from the only LLc grow Josh has set. His grows are characterized by a wanton disregard for human life and a direspect for the land. Hedlund is a sociopath and egotist who believes he is entitled to vast wealth at any cost and by any means. He also thrives on secrecy. There are many good people out there who have bits and pieces of Hedlunds misdeeds, they ought to come forward and shine the light on this cockroach!

  41. My email link is in the sidebar.

    The dope growers helped put Gallegos in office, and they definitely helped him stay there.

    Any and all information is an important part of this story - the Gallegos chonicles.

    "Justice for all" pffffft! He wouldn't know it if it....

  42. Here's another LLC - according to the Alameda County Records, 809 Allston way was sold in 2003 to the Allston LLC (Josh Hedlund). The succesors to the trust are listed as KITE FINDS THE FEATHER AND AMANDA WOOD, both of Mendocino,Ca. The mailing address for the trust is listed as 807 Allston way.

    Do I need to connect the dots for you?


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