Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on PL Appeal

The latest response is in. Rumor has it that ORAL ARGUMENTS have been requested.

Amicus curiae for appellant: City and County of San Francisco
Amicus curiae brief filed by: Attorney: Danny Yeh Chou

Defendant and Respondent: Pacific Lumber Co.
Response to amicus curiae brief filed by: Attorney: Edgar Bancroft Washburn, Attorney: John Alan Behnk

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Did I say ROAD TRIP!


  1. Wow! What will poor Paul do now, postpone his witchunt of EPD and send the members of the Grand Jury home, or jump into his eco-friendly SUV and head to SF to aruge a worthless case at the tax payers expense. Maybe he can postpone his oral arugments as long as he waited to make a descion in the Moore case, or maybe SF attorney Danny Chou will can argue the case for him, God knows he would do a better job.

  2. Oh no, you forgot to mention that PVG aka "worthless" is putting the Moore Grand Jury proceedings on hold to go to Mexico for 2 weeks so he and his spouse can smoke as much pot and consume all the alcohol that they possibly can. Its an annual thing.

    Imagine that...putting the grand jury on hold for another vacation. How many is that this year, 7 or 8?


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