Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2007 CAMP numbers released

TS - Nearly five times more marijuana was pulled out of Humboldt County this year than last during the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting enforcement period.

CAMP, a multi-agency marijuana eradication effort under the umbrella of the California Attorney General's Office, pulled 271,000 plants in Humboldt County this year, up from 60,000 last year.

The record year brought Humboldt back to being nearly the top pot county, second behind Lake County where 483,000 plants were destroyed....


  1. Think about it! 271,000 plants are just the ones seized outdoors. How many thousands or hundreds of thousands did they miss (Humboldt is a big county). And nobody knows how many plants are grown indoors in houses, garages, barns, shops, and shipping containers. Humboldt County is awash with weed.

  2. Whatever it takes to keep the prices high and the growers happy,huh?This cartel needs to go asap.

  3. once again a bonehead remark from mr. bonehead aka mresquan.

  4. No response to the issue at hand,what a surprise.

  5. Ok numbnuts (ahem I mean mresquan/Mark Konkler) - I am NOT 10:34, but will gladly give you a response to your so called "issue at hand."

    1) I don’t give a shit if the prices are high. Actually, I like it high- the higher the better. Discourages use and encourages those who want lower prices to go elsewhere. I am not sorry if you have to pay your yearly salary to get any pot Mark. Do you get that, or have you killed too many brain cells to understand this rather simple expression of opinion.

    2) I wish that CAMP could clean all of you insects out of here. You and your friends are criminals and are ruining what is left of this beautiful county with your crap. GO AWAY.

    3) I don’t think the growers are happy when their dope is taken. I think they get pissed and I am so very glad. Actually, it makes my day, week, month and year.

    4) Run the cartels out of here too. Stick them in prison before they are deported.

    Crystal clear?

  6. 11:13am


  7. Dear Mark:

    Here is a mental health tip for you.

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    >This coming week is National Mental Health Care week. You can do your
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  8. "3) I don’t think the growers are happy when their dope is taken. I think they get pissed and I am so very glad. Actually, it makes my day, week, month and year."

    Quite the contrary,as CAMP is usually only able to get a batch or two from any specific grow,minus a few big busts which help sell their operation as necessary.Other than that,they have little effect on crop production.

    "2) I wish that CAMP could clean all of you insects out of here. You and your friends are criminals and are ruining what is left of this beautiful county with your crap. GO AWAY."

    Why waste taxpayer money funding CAMP to do this when outright legalization is less costly,and will produce the result that you desire?

  9. a. the anti-weed crowd here is obviously jealous. i would be jealous too if i couldnt find a good job and my "alternative" neighbor was making a decent living growing weed in his backyard. what kind of person HATES his fellow neighbors because they make money? fake conservatives, thats who. real conservatives value free trade, individualism, states rights, respect for the law(thats right, prop 215 passed, weed is essentally legal), private property rights, privacy rights, right to a government that is not too intrusive.....why would any sane person want the economy of this area to do WORSE? pot brings in money, its the ONLY thing other than redwoods that humboldt is known for.....why hate a successful economy? work with it. danco has the right idea.

    b. if law enforcement is so concerned about doing away with pot, why do they arrest so few people? taking plants one year doesnt take away the ability for the grower to try again next year, or grow indoors. why not actually eliminate the growers instead of just the plants? because the WHOLE operation, from the cops to the growers, to the hydro stores, to the diesel companies, to the trimmers, to the weed brokers, is in competition for the same thing...$$$$$$......nobody wants that disruprted....except for a few fake conservatives who hope for a ruined economy that relies on chinese grown weed....

  10. Hey I just read that prevalent pot case attorney Ed Denson is about to head down to Chile and then to Antarctica.And I also found out that Dr.Miller gets $250 bucks a pop for a card.
    How can one question pot money when it suits some so well?

  11. Dear Mr. Konkler and theotherme: fucking progressive!

  12. 9:46,
    i dont consider myself a progressive. quite the contrary actually. but if you think that i am a progressive thinker, ill take that as a complement. thanks.

    let me clarify....since we are talking economics here, i must admit that i am a fiscal conservative all the way to the bank. i am making the point that no one wants anything done about the pot "problem" because there is too much money to be made. again, why arent they busting growers? i welcome the money to the local area. i want my fellow humboldters to do well financially. thats what a fiscal conservative does. a fake conservative is one who wants to spend millions of dollars of tax money to get only %5 of the crop. a fake conservative is one who wants the economy to suffer, and wants the govt to micromanage our lives. fake conservatives allow the underground economy to flourish, tax-free, while at the same time claiming to want to rid of the world of the evil weed. can they have it both ways? you tell me

  13. I am not talking economics at all, if you want to, whatever.

    There are lots of people who want something done.

    The ones that don't are the growers, the DA who advances their interests.

    The cops do everything they can to stop this but you are correct, the money talks with the BOS that passed that STUPID 99 plant ordinance and the DA.

    Ok, I don't disagree with you if you are saying that Gallegos was paid off to do this. Yes, he was a dope defense attorney, supported by other dope defense attorney.

    The county really is corrupt and I hope the FBI indicts the DA and others in racketeering.

  14. When the C.I.A. can get control of the market is when things will change.This is the only drug with operations not dominated by the C.I.A.
    I do know some fellow NORML members who link the passing of 215 to the C.I.A.,as the flow of money from growers to doctors to attorneys.And the flow to judges and elected officials has drastically increased as well,to assure that harsh sentences are handed out or plea bargains are made to benefit all involved.On a recent day in Indiana a man convicted of harvesting a couple of plants was given a 20 year sentence,on the same day,in the same courthouse,a man convicted for child molestation and rape was given a 5 to 10 year sentence.
    The opposite obviously occurs here where elected's turn a blind eye to it,yet still ensure that Mr.Hanson can take in his nice salary,work out deals with growers so that CAMP gets their quota while the growers can inflate the prices based on CAMP's eradication.
    I think it was once called extortion.

  15. 11:12,
    you mentioned no solutions....very ironic for someone who "wants something done" to have no solutions to offer. what do you "want done"?....

    and please, leave names out of this. if you think that one person can control the entire pot industry(the DA), then you must not understand the pot industry very well... if you dont know anything about the pot industry, you may be better served doing a little resreach and talking to your neighbors before spreading misinformation and blind hate on blogs...

  16. I'm sorry but I don't think "conservative/liberal/normail person" thinks criminal activity is ok. Period.

    Not to mention that all the people who work and pay taxes are being ripped off by this kind of tax free income. Pretending it is ok may make you feel better, otherme, the Schectman apologist, boy have you changed your rant, this thing really stepped on your little toes, I warrant...

    heraldo talks about people turning a blind eye to TPZ - he's got half the phrase right, it's that people have turned a blind eye to this kind of criminal operation, be it grow houses or large scale in your face plantations, flouting the law becuse the DA is in your pocket.

  17. 11:12,
    also,why would you claim that you are not talking economics? in the very same paragraph that you make that claim, you go on to talk about how money is behind the whole thing. heres a tip...the study of money is called economics..talking about money is talking about economics. i wouldnt expect a fake conservative to understand that though.

  18. rose,
    i was unable to decifer a point from your last post...are you saying that because i ask for evidence, that i am an apologist for a guy that ive never met? sounds like you are being a bit defensive about being asked to produce proof. must be becuase you have the same evidence as everyone else...none.....sure wish i had some, id tell you all.i called a guy that i know who lives on pine creek road last night, we hadnt heard a word about it....he would have known if there was a bust there....

    now, to the issue of growers "ripping off" taxpayers. how is the local taxpayer ripped off by growers? and if that were the case, why arent you calling for the legalization and taxation of pot?

    i understand that you feel that you have the goddess given right to run people's lives via the govt, but you are obviously driven by fear of the unknown. lets get together and smoke a big fat humboldt grown joint and we can discuss the nature of the pot industry.... ;)

  19. Dear theotherme...

    I am not a fake conservative..

    I am a goddamn democrat.


  20. 11:12 & 2:24,

    you are talking apples and oranges.....when you talk about democrat/republican, you are talking about political parties....when you talk about conservative/liberal, you are talking about stances on issues....

    again, what are your solutions for the pot industry? try to eliminate it? take advantage of it and exploit it? solutions please....

  21. The pot problem will work it]s self out. Supply and demand. Crime in or out of the pot culture needs to be hit very directly. There is however a greater problem that needs attention in our community. That is the whacked out minds like mresguan and theotherme who try to justify bad public policy,bad behavior and bad thinking for their own social vision. It's minds like theirs that are sinking this country into the slime. Party on Wayne.

  22. What the F%#K is a fake conservative? Is it someone that say's they like apple pie but secretly eats pumpkin? What kind of a nut job even comes up with something that damn stupid?

  23. 3:27,

    what bad social policies am i justifying? i think that the policies regarding pot have been unsuccessful.

    what bad behavior am i justifying?trying to make money from inflated crop prices hardly seems like "bad behavior".

    what "bad thinking" am i justifying? not even sure how to address that one....

    and how does locally grown weed sink the country? you dont think spending $100 a barrel for oil is sinking the country, or spending hundreds of billions on foriegn aid is sinking the country, but you think that locally made wealth is SINKING the country? wow..elaborate on that please...

  24. 3:31,

    fake conservatives are everywhere. look at the poster at 3:27 for instance.....did you notice how many times he/she mentioned controlling people's minds? he/she says that the problem isnt the weed, its the "minds". how is that "conserving" american values? real americans value discussion and dont dismiss other people as "bad thinkers" who need their minds controlled...thats one example of a fake conservative...they arent conserving the american way,they are LIBERAL with the american way......

    true conservatives value freedom from an over intrusive goverment, freedom of speech, states rights, free trade, LESS govt spending. they value individualism, self sufficiency and hard work...

    being an authoritarian and calling yourself a "conservative" makes no sense to me....what are you trying to conserve? a dying economy?wow, thats something that really needs to be conserved..

  25. What a couple fools you are. Could you be the fake conservatives ?

  26. 5:57,
    please elaborate.......

  27. Dear theotherme:

    You are absolutely nuts.

    you did ask this - "again, what are your solutions for the pot industry? try to eliminate it? take advantage of it and exploit it? solutions please"

    Eliminate it. Put people in jail and take all their toys when caught.

  28. ...and take all their toys when caught....

    WHICH, in case you missed it, is SUPPOSED to be why Gallegos wants a fully outfitted assault team.

    How this jibes with his dope-money supporters is a big question.

    We could start with him just doing his job, and leave the asset forfeiture and arresting to the agencies whose job that is...

  29. so putting a few people in jail and taking a few toys will ELIMINATE all weed growing in humboldt county? wow, thats some effective enforcement.....or maybe just a pipe dream.....

  30. Pipe dreams aside, right now big grows are illegal, they attract criminal elements - and they are guarded by people who shoot at you, otherme.

    What do you think people should do? Shut and lock their doors and let the criminals run rampant?

    I'm surprised it hasn't been legalized. Would have expected that would have been the baby-boomers first order of business, if only to spare themselves the embarassment of pretending they didn't inhale.

    215 is a mockery. NO question.

  31. i guess im not understanding what your solutions are.....heres a thought: name me one DA in the last 30 years who has done anything to reduce the amount of pot grown in the county. you wont be able to, because the weed industry has been growing steadily here. look at high times magazine, half the articles are from here. humboldt county is famous for its weed. the feds have tried and tried to curb the growing, but all the effort has yielded is higher prices and more growers. i still havent heard ONE solution to the "problem"...

    and rose, how many times have you been shot at by pot growers? ive lived around "big grows" my entire life and have never been shot at. i worked over 10 years in the woods, ran across thousands and thousands of plants over the years, never been shot at..

  32. and rose, just because you think that prop 215 was a sham, doesnt make it go away. the voters of california overwhelmingly approved not sure where you stand on state's rights, but im clearly inclined to respect the right of states to differentiate themselves from others.........are you saying that all herbal medicine needs MORE regulation? i tend to prefer LESS govt regulation, but im a libertarian at heart.....

  33. how many times have you been shot at

    I've talked about this before. We used to ride our horses in the hills around Fieldbrook. Then in the 70s, the pot growers moved in, and people who were walking, hiking or riding (horses or bikes) were shot at. Once was enough for me. Those were college students. And that's nothing compared to what has happened as the harder criminal elements have moved in.

  34. rose, where was this? on simpson property? which was most likely LP land at the time?

    college students were randomly shooting at horse riders and hikers? did that make the papers? i was a young lad in the 70's and didnt read the papers back then...many of my friends grew up in fieldbrook and i cant recall a single story of them being shot at by pot growers....but maybe so......

    im just afraid that this is a case of fear mongering. attempting to get the govt to spend more of our tax dollars nedlessly, with no returns....rose, are you married to a cop? or a person who stands to lose income if pot is not enforced?

  35. rose,
    heres a trick ive seen work before. you should start claiming that growers are planning to obtain weapons of mass destruction.......that makes politicians empty their wallets fast...

  36. Of course it didn't get reported. None of the people I knew reported it anyway, to anyone except their friends and families. Word spread, and people stopped going up there.

    It's no attempt ar fear mongering, it is a simple statement of fact.

    And what do you think would happen if it were legalized, oh otherme? The criminal element wouild suddenly become angelic?

    Part of me buys the argument that legalization would solve alot of the problems, regulate it, tax it, remove the criminal element, prices would plummet... but is that what would really happen?

    215 had similar happy predictions, and look what it has brought.

    By your mindset, I guess we should throw in the towel, pass out pot seeds and potting soil to every Humboldt resident, eliminate poverty in out time, forget about mundane real world jobs, who needs 'em... be like the Indian casinos, the only growing that would be allowed in the state would be in Humboldt County - and, uh, er, Mendocino and Sonoma, and Modoc and Del Norte, and ummmm, er, ok, the only STATE that is allowed to grow pot is California - we could all be millionaires...

  37. rose,
    why is government regulation always a solution with you? i dont think the govt should pass out seeds, nor do i think that the govt should only let certain regions produce certain products....both of those solutions come straight out of marx's writings........the govt cant control the pot industry, or any other underground industry, i can barely handle the legal have WAY too much faith in BIG BROTHER rose.......or you just lacking knowledge of the way economies work...

    just let people live and do there own thing...stop trying to control every aspect of every person's life, you have a drop of libertarian blood in that body of yours?

  38. robin shelley11/17/2007 11:23 PM

    Tell me, theotherme, what did you expect from 215 when you voted for it?
    And, do you know Lorne Strider?

  39. never heard of lorne strider

    didnt vote for prop 215

  40. Rose: been gone for a week.

    OMG - theotherme is a complete nutter!

  41. Manic, then sleeps it off. :)

  42. robin shelley11/21/2007 11:54 AM

    Hee, hee, hee!


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