Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some good news out of the DAs Office

Judge hands down county's longest prison term this year

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge John T. Feeney has sentenced 33-year-old Eureka resident Steve Gary Dinsmore to a 30-year, eight-month sentence for his multiple convictions, including assault on a peace officer with a semi-automatic firearm,...

...Of the possible maximum sentence of 32 years in state prison, Judge Feeney sentenced Dinsmore to a term of 30 years and eight months.

It is the longest determinate sentence handed down to a defendant so far this year in Humboldt County.

Many of the deputies involved attended the sentencing, along with Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp and Eureka Chief of Police Garr Nielsen.

At the conclusion of the sentencing, Humboldt County Deputy DA Arnie Klein, who had prosecuted the case, dismissed the attempted murder charge.

“I was very pleased with the judge’s sentence and feel that it was a fair and just decision that will protect the community from outrageous conduct like this,” Klein said in the release.

“Had it not been for the courageous actions of the deputies, in particular Deputy Fridley, this case could have been a death penalty case. I owe a debt of gratitude to all those involved in the case, including Deputy District Attorney Investigator Tom Cooke, who assisted me throughout the trial,” he said.

Credit where credit is due, Mr. Klein. Good work.


  1. What's the deal here? Where's the outrage? Where's the cut and paste?
    The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the poor dear, underprivileged, medical marijuana needing "victim" of obvious Police Brutality, under training and evidence planting?

    Where is everybody? Don't you care? This poor soul just got 30 years for just trying to kill a jackbooted Police Officer!!

    I am truly stunned. Is it harvest time?......aaagh, "Green Bay- Dallas.

    Ok, you're excused, but I'll expect TWICE the invective when you return.

    Go Packers! Sorry, I've never forgiven Jerry for firing Tom Landry.


  2. that's because he tried to kill a deputy. there would only be outrage if he got such a sentence for trying to kill an EPD copper.

  3. Mr. Dinsmore deserves every bit of what he got.

  4. Tom Landry tried to kill a Police Officer?

    My bad, he deserved to be fired then. I'm glad the Cowboys won.


  5. Uh excuse me - but this guy tried to kill a cop with many eyewitnesses present. How hard could that be? I am suprised it wasn't plea bargained to disturbing the peace though. But on a scale from 1 -10 (1 low and 10 high) for difficulty, this looks to be about a 2 or 3

  6. And that would be a step UP for this DA's Office.


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