Saturday, November 24, 2007

Couple of articles/Op-Eds on TPZ...

State law affects TPZ issue
During the 1970s, Jacoby Creek-area resident Jerry Partain was a forestry professor at Humboldt State University. He was also a county planning commissioner and active on the state’s taxation advisory committee, which advised the Legislature on how the state’s timber tax could be amended.

Partain said he feels the growing fear locally of government’s intervening in private-property rights is secondary to the reality of complicated and costly state regulatory requirements for timber harvesting....

Retired assessor explains 1975 TPZ law

...The Z'Berg-Warren-Keene-Collier Forest Taxation Reform Act of 1976 changed the method of taxing “timber” in California. The act encouraged the protection of immature trees and continued use of timberland for the production of trees for timber products and provided restrictions on the use of timberland to the production of timber products and compatible uses...

There has been much discussion recently regarding a residential site on TPZ, and if the site is good or bad for TPZ properties. It seems to me that if a property owner is living on the property, he or she will better manage the property for forest management, fire protection and scenic beauty. This is good not only for the owner but also the public....

County's take on state TPZ under fire
In a letter supplied to the county Planning Commission before its Nov. 15 meeting, Edgar B. Washburn of Morrison & Foerster LLP stated that in his opinion, staff’s interpretation of California Government Code 51104 (h) is incorrect.

Further, he stated, staff’s interpretation of No. 6 in that section is flawed.

The Washburn letter was delivered to the county via Eureka law firm Mitchell, Brisso, Delaney & Vrieze....

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