Monday, June 15, 2015

Who killed Jose David Flores?

◼ Leggett man. Found. Stuffed in a trunk. In Santa Clarita. Read Kym Kemp's story HERE.
On Sunday morning a man was discovered dead in the trunk of a 2005 blue Honda Accord near Santa Clarita not far from Los Angeles. Earlier today, the deceased was identified as twenty-eight year old Jose David Flores of Leggett in northern Mendocino.

There are too many of these. Young, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky people come to Humboldt and meet a tragic end.


  1. I came across your website in regards to David. Its good to see that some care even though they may have known him personally. We hope that someone someday will come forth with any information they may have regarding his murder. Thank you for the effort! He is surely missed here back home!

  2. Sorry to hear his story. It's heartbreaking.


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