Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chef’s family scorns DA ‘betrayals’

This tale, so oft repeated over Gallegos' tenure, is particularly clear, and this time got some press. So many families have said as much over the years. Sometimes with heartbreaking poignancy, and were ignored.


Chef’s family scorns DA ‘betrayals’ - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

Relatives laud (DDA) Rees - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

Juan Joseph Ferrer raw - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union
Ferrer's probation report contains a wealth of detail on the case. Union reporter Paul Mann will have a deep dive on this and related stories. Meanwhile, click ◼ here for the raw Ferrer file.


  1. This was one case. Imagine when he becomes a Judge, how much damage he will do. We have to stop this.

  2. Jerry Brown dealt with the effects of crime as Mayor Of Oakland. He will NOT be so stupid as to appoint a Gallegos to a judgeship. He's seen what happens when you do that.


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