Thursday, June 04, 2015

Body cams for cops, who next? You?

While they are a good idea - they're just as likely to prevent or expose false reports/exonerate as they are to uncover police misdeeds - you're treading into 1984 territory. Oh, no, you're crazy, there's no slippery slope.... No? That's what they said about cigarette bans leading to sugar and salt bans. How about drug testing? Once reserved for people in public safety positions, like pilots and bus drivers, now you have to get a drug test to work at the local hardware store.

So how far are you willing to go? Ready to be recorded, and monitored, every second of your life?

More questions at the EPD Police Blog....

Police Body Worn Camera’s…Are Teachers, Preachers and Health Care Workers Next?
If BWC’s are so successful, why not legislate them for teachers, preachers and health care workers also? All are professionals with incredible public trust, high rates of lawsuits and their activities have resulted in injury or death. The police, Eureka Police, are up for the task and are moving forward. Who else will?


  1. As I stated on the EPD Blog in a comment that's still awaiting moderation:

    “If BWC’s are so successful, why not legislate them for teachers, preachers and health care workers also?” Seriously? Last time I checked, a teacher can’t hold me against my will, a preacher can’t seize my assets, and a health care worker can’t shoot me.

  2. The cops are just worried that the cost of BWCs are going to come out of their retirement. Heard Chief Mills suggested the scrapping of the standard pension for a 401K for all new hires.

  3. Mostly, the body cams will be exonerating cops. And in the case where there's a and one, trust me, the good ones will be just as happy as anyone else to have it taken care of.

    But, A Guy, a teacher may not be able to hold you against your will, that doesn't mean they can't abuse a student, verbally or otherwise. A preacher, well, we all know what can happen when you have a bad one. Same with health care workers. Abuse takes many forms, your focusing on the 'being held' part doesn't hold up.

    The point is - how far are you willing to go down this slippery slope?

    Re-read 1984.

  4. Thanks A Guy for posting that here. That was my thought too and it's nice to know the comment section of Chief Mills's Blog is a sham.

    Not really a blog without comments. More like propaganda. LoCO's links should read Chief Mills, Propagandist.

  5. More like social media outreach. You'd rather he didn't try to communicate with you?

  6. that's the point. It's not "communicate with" unless comments are allowed. Without comments he is communicating "to" us. And yes, I'd rather a Police Chief serve us rather than the other way around.

  7. He doesn't need to be wasting his time answering random - and as you know, nasty - blog comments. Jon, c'mon. It's not there for your entertainment. It's informational. You're very lucky to have someone like him in this position.


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