Monday, June 15, 2015

The End: 12 years, Voodoo Dolls, no remorse, and resounding commentary on Paul Gallegos' treatment of the victim's family.

From the family's statement, via John Chiv's post:
The family of Douglas would like to publicly thank DDA Roger Rees and DA Maggie Fleming for thier compassion and commitment to pursuing this case and obtaining justice for Douglas. They have restored our faith in the justice system which was badly damaged under the administration of Paul Gallegos.

Hopefully now the healing can begin.
"The victim just happened to be my brother, it could have just as easily been anyone else", Doug Anderson's family express safety concerns for Humboldt County and Arcata citizens - John Chiv/Words Worth June 15, 2015

THIS MATTERS - JERRY BROWN, PAY ATTENTION. The victim's family read their statement today, as reported by John Chiv at the link above:
Don's wife, Patty Anderson was the last to read. In her own letter, she spoke very eloquently and powerfully about the anguish the family went through with the defense smearing the name of Doug in the past year and a half, how former DA Paul Gallegos hid facts from them, would not communicate with them, tried to railroad them into accepting the plea deal he wanted to offer and how he refused to give them current DA Maggie Fleming's contact information.

"I tried very hard to find forgiveness," she said. "I found forgiveness elusive." Citing the former prosecutor and DA Paul Gallegos who she singled out in scathing words, the defense smears and the complete lack of remorse by Juan Ferrer as reasons.

Patty Anderson talked about the "irreparable damage" done to "Doug's reputation" by the "resulting publicity in the Humboldt County DA's election." And she added, "No thanks to Paul Gallegos who argued against us in court."

She mentioned delay after delay or Paul Gallegos not offering them any explaination. All this has been detailed in my coverage last year when Paul Gallegos prosecuted the case. Patty Anderson said she found out about Nicholas Stoiber's and Sophie Rocheleau's plea deal in the media, not from Paul Gallegos.
That same refrain has played out over and over and over throughout Paul Gallegos' tenure as DA of Humboldt County. There have been complaints filed with the Attorney General, in hopes that something would be done, and nothing ever was. Any complaint was deemed 'political' and shelved.

It is a tragedy to see it yet again. The pain behind those tales, you need to pay attention, and not reward this man with any steps up the ladder. Not even on a pot board. ESPECIALLY NOT AS A JUDGE!

Juan Ferrer made a voodoo doll to try and control the trial and after being convicted, was caught saying even after he "fucking killed" the victim Humboldt County gave him voluntary manslaughter instead of murder - John Chiv/Words Worth June 15, 2015
In one of the phone recordings he said he had no remorse for killing Doug and that he did not know how he would display remorse when probation would interview him. He said even though he "fucking killed" the victim, Humboldt County gave him voluntary manslaughter instead of murder.

In these recordings he said he described a voodoo doll he drew of DDA Roger Rees, drew pins on it and then covered it with his own blood he got from testing his blood sugar so he could control the outcome of the trial.
Instead of expressing remorse, Ferrer makes his statement all about himself - John Chiv/Words Worth June 15, 2015
As he was being led away in cuffs, he turned to his family and said, "I'll be all right, I'll appeal and win."
Juan Ferrer sentenced to maximum term of 12 years - John Chiv/Words Worth Jun 15, 2015
Judge John Feeney sentenced Ferrer to the maximum term of 11 years for voluntary manslaughter plus 1 year for special allegation of using a weapon.

The term is consecutive and Ferrer will be on parole/post supervision release for 3 years after his release.
Ferrer sentenced to 12 years in prison - Paul Mann/Mad River Union June 15, 2015
Jurors dealt with a considerable lack of evidence: the murder weapon was missing and there were no usable blood samples, impartial eyewitnesses to the stabbing or surveillance videos of the physical encounter.

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