Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wednesday is 'Friends Of The Dunes' Exploit-The-Children Day

Yes, most orgs use children to prove their non-profit bona-fides. They conduct 'educational' activities, you see. And it will be detailed in their filings.

They don't tell you that they're using you. Just like they didn't tell anyone they were getting a significant sum per child per man hour for pulling the accursed grass.

Kids thought they were getting a field trip to the beach, then found out they were there to do the work adults didn't want to do. And someone kept the money. None went to the schools, did it? None went to the kids, did it?

It's been going on for years. And the adults leave feeling so fulfilled. Look at all the good they've done.


  1. People who make accusations should sign their full names.

  2. People who make accusations should sign their full names.

  3. Orgs should tell the truth. When it happened, how often it happened. How much did they make? Are they still receiving compensation? Quit using kids. If you don't like the beach grass, pull it yourself.

  4. From what Carol VanDemeer told us today since we broke the story in 09 they have not collected the child labor rate of $17.86 per hour as in kind funds. I am not sure I believe her but I have not looked at their books yet.
    I must admit it was kind of strange seeing these kids being herded lke cattle from the bus to the areas they had corralled off to dig out beachgrass. Not exactly the playing on the beach I remember as a kid.

  5. Again, it's adults using children to make themselves feel good. They've 'done something' you see, by dragging kids to pull that grass. And then they can ask for MOAR money, donations, grants, etc. It all starts with good intentions, and good people who care. It becomes about the money, and the org.


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