Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Benjamin Jasper Carter:
This just in, defense stay for Benjamin Carter trial denied by appellate court - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
The request for a stay of trial is denied.
Benjamin Carter dates,remain set, defense offer made for upper term - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/24/15

Silverio Sanchez:
995 motion for former fugitive Silverio Sanchez to be heard by Visiting Judge - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Rodney Ortiz:
Defense withdraws motion to continue for Vincent Ortiz - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Vincent Ortiz:
Defense withdraws motion to continue for Vincent Ortiz - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Vicoria Clark:
Arcata plaza stabbing suspect Vicoria Clark accepts plea, kisses her younger boo (Frewuent Flyer David Dues) in celebration - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Phoenix Campbell-Loya:
Phoenix Campbell jury sends Judge note for readback of testimony - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
"You don't want to get stabbed"; "You don't want to mess" - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
People rest, defense presents no witnesses, closing arguments today and Campbell case goes to jury - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
Both defense and prosecution duel well in Campbell trial; defense makes dent in victim's credibility - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
"I was letting Isiah hit it;" "I will shank you bro" - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
"As jurors your job is to see if the facts fit with the crime"; "The evidence in this case will not be enough to show Mr. Campbell committed this crime." - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
Opening arguments start in alleged fight and stabbing incident at the Arcata Community Center - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15

Rio dell police officer Harralson posted bail, hires private attorney, case moved Courtroom 5, jury trial anticipated - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
Rio Dell police officer charged with battery on his child's mother and exhibiting a firearm, arraignment tomorrow - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15

Jeremy Kish:
It's time for the weekly, let me fire my lawyer again Jeremy Kish show; evaluation rules him competent to stand trial, for now - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
A report from Dr. Ramirez was due this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 2 regarding Jeremy Kish, the arson suspect for the crime committed at the former Alliance Market location in Arcata.

Dr. Ramirez's report basically ruled him competent to stand trial
Kayla Brown:
Miss Hoopa charged with alleged sexual abuse of female minor finally retains two private attorneys - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/24/15

Murphy's Market grand theft embezzlement suspect finally shows up for court, given one more chance, - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

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