Monday, June 29, 2015

No local control

◼ LoCo points out City watering lawn despite restrictions: [UPDATED With Explanation] County Courthouse Watering Lawn Monday Despite Eureka Drought Rules
◼ In violation of 'Drought Rules:" EUREKA DROUGHT RULES: No Watering on Weekdays That Don’t Start With ‘T’
◼ But neglects to mention their own previous article: In the Midst of a Historic Statewide Drought, Humboldt Bay District Has Too Much Water


  1. Why are you still watching Paul when he is no longer DA? Starting to sound like a stalker!

  2. He is in the running to be the next Judge of Humboldt County. This dossier must remain up!

  3. IT's not just about Paul Gallegos anyway. It's his handlers, and the new age con-men who surrounded him, and their never-ending quest for power. It's the predatory litigious orgs, like Barkeeper and EPIC, the phony groups like Humboldt Watershed Council and its spinoffs. It's the pot-prescribing Ken Miller with his apocalyptic vision of Mad Max if a tree that has grown into the highway is removed from a major thoroughfare. It's Salzman and his sleazy underhanded, sneaky late-night vandalism. And new ones who are currently in the formation stage, once again using good, well-meaning, innocent people as pawns. Paul was just a puppet. A means to an end for them, albeit a willing puppet. And ultimately, a huge disappointment to them. NO matter what their current propaganda professes.


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