Monday, December 08, 2014

Swear-in Ceremony

"We are in an unique position to rebuild this agency" - John Chiv/Words Worth

A swear in ceremony was held this morning for the HCSO employees recently promoted. Family members, HCSO staff, Pastor Andy Van Browse, Sheriff Downey, Undersheriff Billy Honsal, Supervisors Rex Bohn and Virginia Bass, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills, District Attorney elect Maggie Fleming were among those who attended the event.


  1. Oh Good. It's nice for Andy Broese to meet all the officers before they arrest his children.

  2. What's going to happen to this blog when Paul's finally gone?

    1. Paul's disaster and the consequences and damage he did as faux DA will provide fodder for a long time.

      What's going to happen to you when Paul leaves? Tell him to get you a life.
      This post is about real men, not Paul.


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