Thursday, December 18, 2014

In an understaffed office...

What should happen?


Addressing the observation below that there's some question regarding retaining any Gallegos hires.

Here's what should happen.

Rather than get rid of them... sit down with them. Acknowledge they have been living through hell, not given time to do their jobs well. not given any mentoring, not given the support they need, and struggling to do the work of two dozen when their numbers are under a dozen.

Let them know, things are going to change. They will be held to higher standards, but every effort will be made to make sure they have the tools, and the mentoring needed to rise to the occasion, and they will not be walking in to court unprepared anymore.

They may not all make it, but they will have the chance, and the respect they are due as professionals. And when it is done, you will have a strong team.

And when it is all done, you will ensure that they get civil service protections, so they cannot be arbitrarily fired by any future DA.

A promise which was made to get a man elected, which was never kept, not even attempted.

All this - and HIRE new people, fill those unfilled positions. But give the existing people their due, they're trying, they have pride, and they'd like to have more.

Just my opinion. They deserve a chance.


  1. ...all kinds of rumors afloat. Stacy Eads being chosen to prosecute Bullock. She is the only current attorney (Max Cardoza is retired) to have not been hired by Gallegos. Was that her qualification? She has never done a murder case. She has not done a Jury trial in a decade. She has never done Felony Jury Trials. Who will be Fleming's ADA? Why has the leadership team not been announced? How many retired annuitants are coming back? It would be nice if there were some transparency here. It's not like there are a bunch of Murder cases throttling through the Courts, and a new Murder case happening just yesterday. (OK it is just like that.)

  2. All good questions.

  3. What's Stacey Eads qualifications?!

    For one she wasn't hired by PVG ! Tim Stoen!!! You go free dot com Jeffy !!! Come on?!

    1. If she has not done a murder case, a jury trial in a decade and never done a felony jury trial, what are her qualifications?

      Your hate for Paul blinds you that this is not about you.

      This case is about justice for Fr. Eric. It is about someone who can communicate the loss and the impact this had.

      Elan got that, Kelly gets it. I do understand why Maggie may not prosecute but I wish she would. At least I trust Maggie and have confidence in her.

      This case is personal and Fr. Eric was my pastor and family. I am very involved at church. I was one of three people that saw him see last. I was there early to set up the minutes after Bullock left.

      Hearing Andrew Isaacs may prosecute does not give me assurance. We are not operating in the same court environment as years ago. So far I am not impressed with Stacey Eads demeanor in court.

      Said it before, will say it again. Need someone who can relate to a jury.Elan in Bodhi Tree and Kelly in Nelson case won.

      The entire community and region and international community who knew Fr. Eric will be watching to see if the new administration delivers.

  4. Relax Sparky,

    This isn't about you, despite what you seem to think. Too many I's in your response.

    Since you are asking about qualifications! What qualifies you to judge Stacey Eads or Andrew Issac? You have a local blog, wahoo, what else have you done?

    You, Mr. Chiv, certainly are impressed with your own importance.

    1. Why is Ms. FIeming not prosecuting the Bullock case? Is there any doubt that as soon as she steps back into the office that she is the most qualified to do the case?

    2. Anonymous @ @ 10:24, I am not obligated to respond to the same anonymous troll/s that since the June election attack me personally.

      From your constant defense of any criticism of the old guard, you are most likely the same overzealous Maggie supporter/s who can't see anything except tunnel vision.

      Your dismissive tone about my blog is your petty little opinion. If it isn't a big deal, why do you feel the need to comment on my opinion?

      So chump, address your own insecurities and massive ego.

      As anonymous 10:51 pointed Maggie is the most qualified to prosecute this case.

      And others have challenged why Stacy Leads is prosecuting this case. So next time Sparky, leave discussion to those who read responses, have a clue, and are not just knee jerk trolls.

    3. "So chump, address your own insecurities and massive ego"

      Me thinks John's ego is also rather massive #potkettleblack

    4. Me thinks you have a creepy obsession with John.

    5. You confirmed everything I need to know about you Sparky

    6. 10:24 reveals a very creepy persona. Sparky is a moniker connected to several 80's TV programs. Urban Dictionary has several entries that theorize on the cultural significance of the name. I think John, that is his real name so I will be respectful, hit it right on the head that this is just another overzealous Fleming supporter. They have 14 days left to blame Gallegos. Things better change and change quickly.

    7. 9:22 AM, now that's funny. Stupid, but funny

    8. Sparky insults is all you got. Keep commenting. You show the people what kind of creeps supported Maggie Fleming. What is funny is that you have no life besides attacking others. Just an impotent loser. Drink another one while you suck the public teat.

    9. Your quotes, 9:20am, "insults is all you got", then you use words/insults like "creep", "loser"?? What does that make you, besides a hypocrite

    10. Hypocrite according to who? You? You live to respond, to incite, you cannot handle the truth and you don't like a taste of your own medicine?

      Too bad troll. Stop hijacking this thread and problem solved.

  5. No doubt Fleming will be the most qualified lawyer in the DA's office. That being said, she will be the leader, the manager, the Boss. She will have her hands full and people will be expecting miracles.

    The Bullock case is high profile but there seems to be an abundance of evidence.

    1. Every District Attorney has their hands full. She asked the people to elect her and promised change. Time to deliver as promised. No excuses.

  6. Obviously they (the current DAA'S) should no be dumped without cause. Many, maybe all, have real potential. If they are trained to a different standard than under PVG they very well could become great prosecutors. PVG ran the DA's Office in the ground and then bailed.

  7. Regarding Rose's most recent addition to this post, it could not be better said. In fact Fleming could copy this into an E-Mail and send it off to all of them.


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