Thursday, December 11, 2014

People and defense rest in Shelter Cove case where HCSO deputy was shot

Closing arguments, jury instructions will take place this afternoon and the jury can start deliberations as early as today. - John Chiv/Words Worth
Local "media" does not think HCSO deputies being shot at is worth covering - John Chiv/Words Worth
So, maybe the media will show up later after my post? Or the TS could always just call and have the DA's office fill them in and basically write their article. Maybe NCJ could pull some probation reports and string an article about William Nelson's past?

Why bother doing actual reporting? This is news, this is local. Reprinting press rleases and national associated press stories on issues that don't affect people should take a backseat to live coverage.
Jury trial for Shelter Cove man who shot HCSO deputy on hold while 402 hearing is being conducted; deputy is moving to Marin - John Chiv/Words Worth
William Nelson shot HCSO Deputy Bang Cao in the chest. His jury trial is currently on hold while a 402 hearing is being conducted. (Chiv does) not have any more information because the 402 hearing is being heard in a closed courtroom.

John's right.


  1. closed courtroom? or just not in the presence of the jury? Big diff

  2. Could have been worded better but 402 hearings are to determine if the Jury will hear the evidence. So I am sure the Jury is definitely not seeing that. Conversely if the Courtroom was closed to the public as well then that is extremely rare, almost never happens and an indication that something serious is going on.

  3. To both anons, thanks for the "legal clarification." I was being polite saying the courtroom was closed because it was closed after I went to sit in on the 402 hearing at the request of Mr. Elvine-Kreis. It was not just outside the presence of the jury. I understand why it needed to be closed and I left.

    I did not mention what the 402 hearing was about because it would not be in the interests of a fair trial.

    The only ones wanting to comment and make a big deal would be the defense or someone's buddies. It is so obvious when the anon comments are from the second floor of the courthouse.

    Certain lawyers, mostly certain public defenders, overuse the gag order and closed courtroom here. Yes, the victim is entitled to a fair trial. I think our local judges are fair, the local media is respectful of rules.

    In three high profile cases recently, Eddie Lee, David Anderson and Ferrer case,none had a gag order and none of the cases were jeopardized by the media. When you are a confident attorney, secure in your case, you do not need to power trip over "wording" and making a big deal out of nothing.

    I have covered news and the courts in Philadelphia and Atlanta for mainstream media. Only in Humboldt have I seen such huge egos from certain attorneys.

  4. The real issue is the public's right to know - balanced, of corse with respect in some cases - but that's the problem with these unnecessary gag orders. C'mon. People can handle it. And justice will still be done without the gag order.


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