Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A look back: 2014 stories of the year...

One in particular:

Maggie Fleming handily won the June 2014 primary election for Humboldt County district attorney, and will be sworn in Jan. 5, becoming the first woman in county history to hold the job. TIMES-STANDARD FILE PHOTO

New era in the DA’s Office

After a tumultuous three terms in office, Paul Gallegos’ time as Humboldt County district attorney is coming to an end.

Stepping into the role will be Maggie Fleming, who handily won the June primary election against three other candidates. She will be sworn in Jan. 5, becoming the county’s first female district attorney.

When Gallegos announced in November that he would not be running for re-election, he said he was proud of his tenure as district attorney, but wanted to spend more time with his family. Gallegos surprised many when he was first elected to the post in 2002, beating longtime District Attorney Terry Farmer — who held the office for 20 years. Over the years, Gallegos made a series of controversial decisions and garnered many critics.

“It’s a wonderful job. It’s a wonderful honor. It’s just, at some point, you have to say, ‘I’ve done that, and I’ve served,’ ” Gallegos said after announcing he would not run. “It’s time for me to serve my family.”

Fleming comes to the job with 25 years of experience, having worked for 17 years in the office as a deputy district attorney and most recently as a deputy county counsel.

“You work in a DA’s office because you hope to make a difference,” she said in a recent interview. “I think helping mentor the attorneys is a critical task — currently the office is young, career-wise, as prosecutors. Another part is rebuilding the office; we are down a number of attorneys.”

Tumultuous? BS. His term was a slow degradation of the office. The only 'tumult' was in the early year when he was filing a lawsuit at his backers behest. And allowing them to plot ways to get themselves paid (and how to let their buddies pay for a public prosecution) via a "trust fund.' After that 'tumult' he slowly allowed the office to fall into ruin. Lost talent, lost grants - and he never rose to the occasion, never made an attempt to solve the problem, like any normal person would have done.

Oh well.

At long last you will have a competent DA. Humboldt County will be well served.


  1. The big question of 2015 is...

    What will Rose do with all this newly found free time without Paul around to criticize?

  2. Don't worry. Rose's anti-christain message will live on. Her "lock em up and throw away the key" approach to justice will continue. Her unabashed support of the powerful over the weak will continue. Her support of the privileged over the disenfranchised will continue.

    None of this was about Paul, per se. It is all about a small minded ideology based on trying to impress the powers that be. Why do you think that she's a Jew pretending to be a Christain. To impress the good old boys!

    1. As a member of the clergy, I often find it difficult reading Rose's blog as well. Can't think of many chrisitan words or ideas being promoted here. Our society values hypocrisy and hate more than love and truth these days.

      What would Jesus look like in rose's eyes? A person deserving of death or jail or suffering? Most likely.

    2. Well, 10:22 and 10:05, your well-reasoned arguments have completely won me over! Thank goodness that there are still those who adhere to the old-fashioned notion of rational discourse, without scurrilous ad hominem attacks.

    3. Anonymous 10:22:

      I wasn't aware it was Rose's job to promote Christianity.

      I rarely agree with Rose... but your criticism actually causes me to feel some amount of sympathy for her.

      Jew, Christian, Muslim or Acolyte of Cthulhu... what does it matter? Run your own blog if you think you've become a trammeled upon minority.

    4. Good advice MOLA: 42.

    5. You weren't aware that a Christian's job is to promote Jesus's message? I thought it was kinda obvious.

      Calling out Rose as a hypocrate seemed to be the posters intention and I have to agree with him/her in this instance.

    6. Anonymous 11:41:

      Yes, I was aware. But that doesn't mean every blogger in town has to wear their religion (or lack there-of) on their sleeves.

      As for calling out Rose... be my guest. I've done it on several occasions myself. But to go the religion route... really.

    7. Ummm...excuse me, but am I the only who notices that local "conservatives" wear religion on their sleeves? They pretend to own religion as they preach the exact opposite message that Jesus preached. People like rose hide behind the good ideas of religion. They don't live it or preach it.

    8. Anonymous 1:58:

      Of course... but why go there?

      Am I the only one who thinks mixing Religion with Politics is not a good idea?

    9. Religion and politics are one in the same, my friend. Unless you see religion as merely idol worship, which many many people do. Than its just a matter of which team you root for.

      Here's the bottom line with why i have an issue with rose, her politics, her religion and this blog. Jesus was about FORGIVENESS. Rose is about VENGENCE. She runs a blog with a "lock em up and throw away the key theme, for gods sake. Those are opposite ideas about how justice should operate.

  3. Rose's other blog will keep her busy

    Today's headline - last remaining global warming scam dies

    So sad...

  4. I believe Rose should concentrate on Richard Salzman and how much harm he has done to Humboldt. Over half the anon posts on this site are him with his silly garbage.

    1. Yes, anyone critical of Rose and her Bagger friends is Richard Salzman. Or maybe his cat?

    2. 11:28 not anyone, just you. Dickie and Paul's butt buddies stalk and monitor every blog and comment multiple times when someone points out the truth.

      Liberals like you don't get sex. Unless you drug a woman, manipulate her or pay her. Even then your chances are nil. That is why you chose to obsess on sex.

      Good riddance to Paul and his nasty perv buddies.

    3. Here you go again with the sexual innuendo. You realize the only pervy comments posted here are from you?

      Oh well, something's never change...

    4. Don't be fooled MOLA:42 - This guy likes to make multiple posts, pretending to be several different people, all complimenting him on his genius - he likes pretending to be religious (and praising Rick "Sanatorium") acting like he thinks religious people act, always derogatory, snide, and occasionally vicious. He wants to create the impression that that is the kind of people who visit here, in order to discredit it.

      He likes to pretend - or maybe believes - that I am religious. It's further proof that he is clueless in the extreme.

      And - when I had comments in moderation, and he was sure no one could see his depravity, he made sure to tell me what should happen to me, how it should be done, how much it should hurt and - well, you get the idea.

      Some people who come here know exactly who he is and likely chuckle at his 'antics' - he's a modern day Ben Franklin, too, don't you know?

      It's rather sad.

    5. Rose:

      I will admit Mr. Salzman is a bit of a sacred cow for the liberal/progressive camp (as I found to my cost when I criticized him in the Tuluwat Examiner -- they took away my official TE Decoder Ring).

      On the other hand... I really don't think Mr. Salzman is quite the boogie man he's made out to be on the right.

      Lacking scruples? Sure... I'll buy that.

      Being stupid enough to send you threats under his own name? If so you should have sent him to jail... he would be too much of an idiot to be allowed to go about in public without a keeper.

      Anyway... in one way or another it appears Mr. Salzman is indeed... everywhere.

    6. Oh, whoever it is isn't using his real name. So who knows. But his phony religious bit is ludicrous.

      And tell me, MOLA, why is expecting Gallegos to be competent in his job a left-right wing thing? merely because I chose one box on a voter registration form? Or because the left doesn't mind incompetence? Seriously, I would like to know. What makes it ok to run an office like this into the ground? Because you (he, not you-you) were willing to sell out and file a lawsuit for radicals? Because pot? Why?

      Why do you tolerate a man, who when the things he is doing wrong are pointed out to him, does nothing to remedy the situation?

      Anyone, especially someone with a college education, much less a law-degree, can write a grant, fill out the grant forms, and get a grant when the agencies are wanting to give it you you... he never attempted to right that wrong, and if your argument would be that he couldn't afford a grant-writer, then he should have stayed up late and filled out the forms himself.

      So why? Why is that a left-right thing? I am not being sarcastic - I would like to know how you see it?

    7. Anonymous 6:23, you are right. You never change. Pathetic loser pyscho who has no balls. You get off stalking, you should be outed.

    8. Rose:

      Oh dear... I'm really not prepared to speak for ALL the left/progressive folks concerning Mr. Gallegos. That's a responsibility I am not qualified to take on (on any issue).

      I didn't even know he was supposed to be "our" boy. I guess I didn't get the memo.

      I always voted for Gallegos as a matter of he was better than the folks he was going up against (except Terry Farmer).

      I mean, seriously... I'm not in the position to argue on behalf the people you describe. I'm not sure anyone is since I'm not sure the lefties you describe even exist in the first place.

      Through-out Mr. Gallegos' run as DA I personally would have welcomed better candidates come election time. Fortunately for us all... this time around we had at least two candidates who were worth voting for.

      The lesson learned I hope is if you want to displace a so-called darling of the left is put forth better candidates.

    9. MOLA 42 confirms that Salzshit is behind the Tuluwat pos blog. Salzshit is good at riling minions who have no life to anonymously attack.

      MOLA 42 made that rag bearable to read on Wednesdays.

    10. Not asking you to speak for any group. But thanks.

    11. Anonymous 8:07:

      I am surprised to hear I made that revelation. It's news to me.

      The Tuluwat Examiner does worship Mr. Salzman... that much is true. That's not the same as Mr. Salzman has anything to do with (it, him, her, they). I just don't know for a fact if he does.

      But as I always said on Wednesdays... I don't know who those people are. I make it a point to suppress my curiosity when it comes to anonymous people. Perhaps a character defect on my part.

      I'm glad at one time I made your Wednesday's bearable (or at least your Wednesday's reading).

    12. Keep on Baggin' 6:45 PM!

    13. George, you're an idiot.

    14. I love when Rose plays the identity game

    15. I love it when you take the bait and respond Dick's butt boy.

    16. Keep on Baggin' 3:27 PM!

  5. Why does my cursor have dandruff on this blog?

  6. Me thinks Rose has a secret crush on R. Salzman

    1. Me thinks you have a creepy crush on Rose. Give it up loser, your puppet Paulie and his creepy defense perv buddies have been defeated. Watch their clients dump their asses when they see no more sweet pleas.

  7. Fleming will be a breath of fresh air but she will definitely have her plate full for the next 12 mos. Cleaning up after pvg, my hope is that finally the DA investigations incompetence will be rightfully addressed. As well as the inept staff at Victim Witness who pick at choose who they will help. I first hand know this because I trying getting help from their services and they blew me off. They are worthless

    1. Thank you for your completely unbiased and objective opinion about who is worthless. That is sarcasm, something your puny mind may not comprehend.


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