Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Five Six Seven major murder cases pending

Jury in Fieldbrook double homicide case second trial finds Arreaga not guilty on both counts - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/25/2016

And who are the prosecutors...?

  1. Bullock - pending
  2. Warren
  3. Limmie-Curry
  4. Ferrar (set for April 6, has had various prosecutors)
  5. Carter
  6. Arreaga
  7. Brown

Who is handling these cases. This isn't the kind of thing you pick up the file and walk into court...

Then there's the Littlefield case, a very complicated case, the default appeal expires Thursday.

Dec 17 will be a busy day with several high profile homicide cases and status overlapping - John Chiv/Words Worth
Tomorrow morning, there is the preliminary examination scheduled for Jason Arreaga, the suspect in the Fieldbrook homicide and at the same time there is a preliminary hearing for Jason Armstrong, the suspect in the Redway murder.

In the afternoon, there is a pre trial hearing Gary Lee Bullock who is charged with the murder of Fr. Eric Freed and trial confirmation for murder suspect Matthew Brown in one courtroom and at the same time a motion hearing and disposition reset hearing for Arcata murder suspect Juan Ferrer in Courtroom Four....
...I don't know who will prosecute the Bullock case but I hope that the DA's office thinks carefully about that decision.... - John Chiv/Words Worth

(Three Jason's: Jason Anthony Warren, Jason Armstrong, Jason Arreaga)

◼ And then there's the Matthew Brown case Matthew Brown murder case jury trial delayed a week - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. Following all these cases and all are scheduled for, if they go to trial, it would be next year so it is Maggie's choice.

    Unless any case is "resolved" in the next two weeks especially Littlefield.

  2. The number could be 9, if you count Eureka's most recent murders last month and yesterday, although to be fair they don't have anyone in custody yet. I heard someone asked the other day "What do you think of Humboldt." Their response was classic, "If I owned Humboldt and Hell, I would live in Hell and rent Humboldt out."

  3. Bullock is now Stacy Eads and "rumor" is also Andrew Isaacs. Warren, Limmie-Curry and Ferrer has been Paul.

    Arreaga is Zach Curtis and Brown Kelly Neel. I can't remember Carter is Luke Brownfield.

    Question is who will be prosecuting the cases after January 5. Bullock change already reflects who Maggie would pick.

  4. I did remember Carter is Luke Brownfield.


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