Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy day in Shelter Cove case

Jury instructions finalized, closing arguments to start shortly in Shelter Cove case - John Chiv/Words Worth
Thad Greenson is the only one here from local media. However, he could not stay and left. Judge Miles just started instructions. First set of jury instructions concluded.
Nelson interuppts ADA Neel's closing in court; almost causes mistrial - John Chiv/Words Worth
In the middle of ADA Kelly Neel's second closing argument, William Nelson, the man charged with shooting Deputy Bang Cao, jumped up in court and started yelling. He would not shut up despite the Judge's initial admonishment and even verbally attacked his own lawyer.
"I am asking you to find William Nelson guilty of willful, deliberate, premeditated murder" - John Chiv/Words Worth
"I am going to ask you to come back with a single vote. I am asking you to find William Nelson guilty of willful, deliberate, premeditated murder." This is how ADA Kelly Neel opened her closing yesterday.

With exhibits of pictures, detailed timeline and testimony, Ms. Neel in two days, with a very powerful presentation explained why William Nelson should be found guilty of the charges against him....

"That fucking Chink" is what Nelson said when he locked eyes with Deputy Bang Cao.

From that moment, "he walked through the house, thinking about it, thinking about it before", Ms. Neel referred to Nelson's threats against law enforcement.

"The officer was doing his job and for that Willy Nelson shot him. For that he should be held accountable."
Yesterday's jury instructions seem prophetic in light of Nelson' s outburst today - John Chiv/Words Worth

"You don't get to blame officers for escalating a situation that Mr. Nelson escalated"; ADA Neel counters defense assertions - John Chiv/Words Worth

"I believe the evidence that was presented to you in the last week was mistakes by HCSO and Mr. Nelson; the difference is Mr. Nelson made a justified mistake" - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. It is pretty telling that there is basically no local news coverage on this trial. The last time a cop in Humboldt County was shot was in the early 80's, an Arcata cop! You would think this would be news worthy.

    1. If you do not cover local news, you cease to be considered the media.


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