Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who's game?

February 18, 2011 at 9:53 pm
Heraldo says:
Anyone up for a header contest? Winner gets their fine work at the top of (his/her/its/their) blog and the Herald’s eternal appreciation. Header size = 750 × 140 pixels. As with everything else, submissions can be anonymous.

I always liked this one:

The Mirror's in:

And they do need help!


  1. Who is that masked man?

  2. The masked man could be the Humbug at the Humboldt Mirror.

  3. I like it ! I think it is perfect !

  4. Could be, Tom, but I have a different image for them.

  5. For the watchPaul header, I picture a shirtless trio of Paul Gallegos, Ken Miller, & Richard Salzman, all staring lovingly at themselves via a tall mirror, while Rose Welsh hides in the corner pleasuring herself with a 14 inch dildo

  6. Rose,
    I don't agree with your politics but I do think you are good human being. Your secret kind words and help have been a blessing to several bloggers including me.

    I understand your frustration with Heraldo's anonymity. I don't much care for it either. But this header is the sort of thing that worries me about politics today. It brings out the angry side of people. Witness the very strange and ugly anon comment above.

    Heraldo does hide behind his/her/their anonymity. I don't like that but comparing him/her/them to the lynching, racist mob of the Klan is a bit much.

    I support your legal right to use this. I just don't like it. And I don't think it helps make this county we both love a better place.

    I still respect your dedication and passion. I just don't like this kind of attack.

    Disagreeing with you this time,

  7. Well, Kym, Sorry. I felt the same way about your cheerleading for Gallegos. I kinda thought that despite your chosen lifestyle you still understood what was right and what isn't - especially when it comes to protecting kids. So don't get me started.

    And - "heraldo" is a "secret society" (another term for the Klan) and he/she/it/they use the blog to anonymously attack his/her/its/their targets, from under the hood and behind the mask. And, yes, so does the "Mirror." "heraldo's" just been at it longer, and gets a whole lot of cheerleading, doesn't it. Which is more "un-civil"?

    That comment above is typical of what has been levied at me for years now, so don't even try going there, It is in fact very typical of "your" side - and the only thing I am sorry to say is using that term, "side." That kind of nasty, vicious, instantly going for the sexual is a hallmark of your "heraldo/Salzman" side. There were a lot worse during the election, which is why I put it into comment moderation.

    There are some things where there shouldn't be sides, Kym. But your side chose dope interests.

    Goodie for you. and amongst your friends I am sure "heraldo's" identity is an open secret. and I guess you think they have a valid excuse to attack anonymously. Sorry if it hurts their feelings and your sensibilities. Consider the people who they have attacked, and how they felt. Funny to lecture me now, but never them - all these years this has been going on.

  8. You know, Rose, you're right about not having spoke up before. I've been doing some soul searching lately and deciding that I need to name a problem when I see it and then let other people say their piece back to me. Maybe it might change my mind.

    But if I don't say things, just let them mumble around in my own my mind, not only don't I learn the other's point of view but I don't have a chance to change the someone else's. I'm trying to behave differently than the woman who got sick to her stomach every time someone disagreed with her 3 years ago. (I hope its growth not hubris. ;>)

    I enjoy both the bugs and Heraldo but I don't approve of the anonymous attacks that both do. I'm trying to figure out how to express that to both of them without being the tiresome old schoolmarm shaking her finger at everyone. Humor solves a lot more than lectures.

    I'd like to say that I don't think the comment that you put into moderation is any more indicative of "my" side than some of the comments elsewhere are indicative of "yours." I think that the more good people like you get angry and act like the worse sides of humanity, the worse humanity is going to be.

    I disagree with you that "dope" interests are bad for our community and our world. It may be decades before our disagreement on that is resolved clearly for one side or the other. But what is clear is that civil discourse is what will help us discover the answer.

    (I do want to point out that while I voted for Gallegos, I didn't endorse him. I never did any cheerleading for him. I felt he was the best choice but not overwhelmingly so. I had Allison Jackson event flyers up on my blog, too.)

  9. I love how Rose believes all of the insults come fom Kym's "side". Have you ever read the comments on the Mirror? I'd say 1 out of every 3 is outrageous. Would you classify that as your "side" Rose?

    BTW Rose, what is Kym's "side" anyway? Please explain.

  10. I think The Mirror wins this header contest. Check it out. But be warned, it's lough-out-loud funny.

  11. Kym, you say things so thoughtfully, kindly, and considerately. I'm always impressed how well you relate these things-- with understanding. I'm not always so good at that.

    Rose, I like your smart take and reasonable advocacy on issues-- and listen. But not this one, sorry. I try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated. I'm not always so good at that.

    peace... skips

  12. Gotcha. Anonymous attacks are A-OK. Got it. But only from one side. Totally clear.

    I wonder what you'd be saying if THIS blog was anonymous.

  13. Are you suggesting that the Mirror and your troll are on the same "side" Rose?

  14. The same as said before. In fact, Rose, I've stood up for you, both now and previously. Sigh.

  15. Rose, can please also use a Nazi reference? Might as well go full on Glenn Beck style.

  16. “Auntie Arkley says:
    February 20, 2011 at 11:41 am
    Defend your planet. Defend your country. Defend your self. Kill Republicans.” at The HH

  17. Auntie Arkley should join the Republican Party, she'd fit right in

  18. Typical response from Rose

    Once victim, always victim

  19. No victim. It's just very clear.

    Pointing out that an anonymous person/group hides under the hood and behind a mask - and uses his/her/its/their blog to attack people - pointing that out warrants a chiding. Because it's too harsh and contributes to what's scary about society today.

    But THE ANONYMOUS BLOGGER doing the attacking, does not warrant the chiding - o. k. yeah. got it.

    I'm calling BS.

  20. How about I re-register as a Democrat - then will it be ok for me to say what I think?

    And not be all S-C-A-R-Y?????

  21. no, we can't have any questions being asked. shutup.

  22. You're what's scary with society today

  23. Rose's extreme rhetoric reminds me of the KKK

    Pot calling the kettle black?

  24. I repeat - you are saying it is OK to attack anonymously.

    Thank you, I get it. Lesson learned. Much more fun for you that way. Very clear.

  25. How would you depict a team of anonymous snipers, Tom?


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