Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Gallegos.

Humboldt County attorneys to receive California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award; effects of Skilled Healthcare lawsuit being felt across the state - Times-Standard

For the second time in two years a Humboldt County lawyer will take home the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year award.

Make that two attorneys.

Timothy Needham and Michael Crowley, both of the Janssen law firm in Eureka, will be presented the award next month for their work in last year's class action lawsuit against national nursing home chain Skilled Healthcare.

Yet still, half the article is all Paul - and no apparent answer to the question: “Three private law firms initiated the Skilled Healthcare case and again did most of the work, but in his ads Gallegos takes full credit. His ads are neither true nor ethical…

While being dishonest is more than bad enough, vilification, smearing, and divisive politics are worse. This is Gallegos’ fourth campaign and in each of the others he has done these things and won…

“If you really want the truth about Gallegos’ professional ethics, inquire of him why the other affected DA’s and the Attorney General all refused to join in his Skilled Healthcare settlement due to their ‘ethical concerns’ over his use of secret settlement monies and more. Ask Gallegos himself to explain directly, honestly and openly the formal rebuke he has received from the California District Attorneys Association for his unprofessional use of DA authority in settling that case. Go ahead, ask him to explain honestly and directly. He won’t. That would require real courage and the capacity to tell the truth regardless. He has neither…”


Two attorneys win award for work Gallegos took credit for - Mirror

C’mon, Drange – ask the question! GET A COPY OF THE LETTER! You can do it! It’s called reporting. How long can it possibly take?


  1. Rose, who's your favorite?


    Murdoch is a genius!

  2. By Gallegos filing for an injunction, Skilled Nursing had the fear that the financial penalties would continue ad infinitim. It would have been very easy to file for Bankruptcy and eliminate the judgment, but the injunction was the people's way of weighing in on the case and insuring that Skilled Nursing followed the law forever. Hate to tell you this, but that is what DA's do. These same lawyers credit Gallegos as having a profound impact on their civil case, because of the injunction. In an era of budget cuts, the case will lead to millions for the Humboldt County DA's office, and others. When those other offices have to look at layoffs they will take the money in a heartbeat. Would you rather have your taxes raised, or have resources from offending corporations help fund the DA's office? Oh by the way, what award did Allison Jackson win this year? That's right second place in the DA's race. Good going!

  3. Oh horse shit anon.

    As for Jackson, she won the hearts of the remaining law abiding citizens of Humboldt including the men and women who are on the councils dealing with violent crime, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, all of law enforcement and the list goes on. She did not win the hearts of the dope growers and the criminal element.

    The more you defend that corrupt little prick Gallegos, the more pathetic you sound.

    As for that law suit. It was all about money for the lawyers. If Gallegos gave a shit he would have filed criminal charges as they were brought to him repeatedly. Just another example of not doing the job.


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