Sunday, February 27, 2011

third time in five months

Search warrant yields meth, prescription drugs; pair lands in jail for third time in five months

The warrant was obtained in response to ongoing complaints of drug sales at the residence, according to a press release, and was the third time in the last five months that officers searched the location. Both Michael Nathaniel McNertney, 45, and Gloria Pearl Lindberg, 23, were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The two were out of custody on bail and awaiting trial on previous drug-related charges when EPD detectives searched their apartment Saturday afternoon and reported finding a small amount of heroin, unlawfully possessed prescription muscle relaxants, hypodermic syringes and a trio of hidden storage containers which were empty but are believed to have contained large amounts of heroin, based on residue inside them, according to the release.

Detectives later searched Lindberg's car, where they reported finding a pair of digital gram scales and drug packaging materials. During the search, McNertney's cell phone rang repeatedly, and when a detective answered the phone, an individual asked for McNertney, wanting to purchase several grams of heroin from him, according to the release.
The system under Gallegos is not working.


  1. Not a surprise, this kind of thing happens all the time ............ Gag's was elected DA, it doesn't make him any good at it

  2. News Channel 3 reported tonight that McNertney was remanded into custody with bail now set at 280,000 and that he will have to prove his bail did not come from drug sales money. So it looks like the DA did the right thing.

  3. Well - if you are saying that on the third time around they finally got charged? Or is doing the right thing showing up to court instead of chasing young women at the Pearl here in Eureka?


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