Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CHP officer killed in 101 crash in Mendocino County; highway closed

A Highway Patrol officer was killed in a head-on crash Tuesday afternoon in Mendocino County... a southbound Toyota apparently crossed the centerline and struck the cruiser.


  1. Everybody is hoping that it isn't someone they know and also thinking about families who are crying right now.

  2. Maybe Ben McLaughlin will weigh in again and defend the right of the other driver to cross the center line and kill the "cronie". Yes Kym this is sad. This man dedicated his life to his community. Tried to make a difference and was tragically taken away from family friends workmates and the community he served. God bless

  3. @ Anonymous Wow, really you are sick. Hate has no business in Humboldt. Period, end of discussion. If you want to be a hater, then leave. Go to Mississippi, where they want put a KKK leader on their license plates. You will be happy there. They love hate. They glorify it. They want to embrace it on their license plates.

    As for the fallen officer, it was Thomas Adams, a 2-year veteran of the CHP. He lived in Fortuna.


  4. My condolences and prayers go to Thomas' family, loved ones, and fellow officers.
    I'm sorry to hear of this tragic accident.
    John Driscoll of the Times-Standard reported this today, here.

    peace, skips


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