Friday, February 04, 2011

Judge denies Eureka's emergency petition against the Squires' (Or Squireses as the case may be)

Judge denies Eureka's emergency petition against the Squireses

Eureka, DA's office file lawsuit against Squires

For the suit, the city and the DA's office have solicited the help of the Fullerton law firm Jones & Mayer, which lists among its areas of expertise “serving as city prosecutor to cities throughout California regarding criminal and civil enforcement of municipal codes including utilization of red light abatement, drug nuisance abatement, receiverships and unfair business practice statutes.”

A representative of the firm was not immediately available for comment Thursday. (written 1/21/11)

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said the goal of the legal action is to have the Squireses bring their properties into compliance or to place the properties into a receivership, which would take charge of the properties and take the actions necessary to bring them into compliance.

Gallegos said he and city officials have been talking about possible action on the Squires properties for years.

”There were many attempts to resolve this without litigation, but those didn't play out,” Gallegos said. “We hope to resolve this in a way that maintains the habitability of the places in a safe and responsible way.”

Gallegos said he and the city decided to reach out to Jones & Mayer because they specialize in this type of action.

”It's a discrete area of law, and we wanted to bring in somebody that could get this job done so we can all move onto the next thing,” he said.

So he's hired it out.


  1. Actually Rose the City of Eureka brought in outside counsel.

  2. When did the Board of Supervisors approve this? (Remember Palco, his attempt there wasn't approved) For that matter - did they approve it in the Skilled Healthcare matter?

    What kind of liability if any is the County facing here by his involvement if farming it out?

    is his action here going to affect other DA's in other counties - as a result of his purported inability to proceed on his own on unfair business practices... this kind of action (Unfair Business Practices) was taken away from private attorneys by the state legislature.

    The DA is supposed to be driving the bus, not delegating here.

    What about that sanction by the CDAA?

  3. This is the City of Eureka's gig.

  4. Humboldt Heretic2/06/2011 6:45 AM

    Does the DA act as the City Attorney for Eureka on a contract basis? Is the private law firm paid by city or county funds or on a CONTINGENT FEE basis? Inquiring taxpayers want to know.


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