Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paul Gallegos spent $222,000 to keep his job, the most of all the candidates

◼ TS A pricey affair: Candidates for Humboldt County offices spent more than $1 million in 2010
...Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos might run unopposed in 2014 as he led all candidates, spending $222,000, according to the forms.

The district attorney's race has also historically proven to be a costly one. In 2006, Gallegos and challenger Worth Dikeman combined to spend almost $325,000 before the primary.

This year, according to the filings, Gallegos and challenger Allison Jackson combined to spend $371,221, with Jackson shelling out almost $150,000. In the end, Gallegos spent the equivalent of $8.80 per vote he received, while Jackson spent $6.47.

Gallegos reported receiving some large single donations, with Blue Lake Rancheria donating $10,000, Benemann Interpreter Services donating $2,000, Joseph Burger Enterprises donating $2,000 and campaign manager Natalynne DeLapp donating $7,000, an amount roughly equivalent to her campaign salary for the filing period, which ran from Oct. 17 to the end of the year.

Jackson's largest reported donation in the filing period came from Dennis Wendt, who pitched in $2,000. The candidate also poured $9,341 of her own money into her campaign.

Gallegos also reported having $41,000 in outstanding loans at the end of the year, with $26,000 of it coming from his wife, local attorney Joan Gallegos....

He is far and above the most expensive elected official in the county. Only his first race received normal funding.


  1. How many hours has Rose spent trying to unseat Paul, yet has failed each and every time?

  2. There weren't that many mailers out there. So come on TS - what the hell did these people spend their money ON? Inquiring minds want to know. WHAT makes a campaign cost so much? Manager DeLapp DONATED her paltry salary? WTF? Where'd the bucks go?

  3. It worked. As I recall, locally those that spent the most won.

  4. How did Johanna Rodoni lose so badly while outspending her opponent 3-1?

  5. Good one Rose. People liked her husband, she just wasn't him.

  6. Now lets follow the money.

    Bear Rancheria and Bowman paid tens of thousands in 2006 and 2010 to Gags.

    Bowman bought his son the dismissal of 9 felonies some of which were serious like domestic violence, false imprisonment, sexual assault. Gave the son a sweet deal for a 2nd degree commercial burglary.

    Then Bowman Jr. committed an armed robbery that couldn’t disappear so there comes a plea bargain for the minimal time.

    Michael Acosta, friend of Gags, member of the Alliance for Ethical Business and a big money supporter writes an op ed piece defending Gags. By the way, he was not only a gags supporter, but the attorney for Bear River. Acosta gave big money and the Bear River check to Gags.

    Fast forward, September of this year, Acosta can no longer practice law.
    January of this year Acosta’s wife is charged with the death of her infant son by meth poisoning and poisoning the other older child.
    She is charged and nobody knew in the DA’s office that she was Bear River or Acosta’s wife.

    Bet that money goes far when the charges are dismissed or she is given a minimal plea bargain since its been charged and in the paper it can’t completely go away.

    What god damn reporter is going to cover this corruption?


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