Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whatever happened to Eddie David Lee? And Maggie Jean Wortman UPDATED

Almost a year ago Eddie David Lee pled not guilty to murder charges. Where is he now and where is Gallegos at on this case?


And how about ◼ Maggie Jean Wortman
Humboldt County Sheriff's Office detectives arrested Wortman at the jail... after a two-month investigation. She was in custody for an alleged probation violation stemming from a conviction for maintaining a residence for drug activities. The investigation spawned after Wortman's son, Michael Phillip Acosta III, was transported to a local hospital because he wasn't breathing on Nov. 21 and was later pronounced dead. The allegations are that she killed her 6-week-old son by feeding him methamphetamine-laced breast milk. ...charges of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child endangerment.

UPDATE: ◼ Judge dismisses murder charge against Loleta woman - Thadeus Greenson/Times Standard

A Humboldt County judge has dismissed the murder charge facing a Loleta mother accused of killing her baby with methamphetamine-laced breast milk last year.

In a ruling filed Wednesday, Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson threw out the murder charge against Maggie Jean Wortman, 27, finding that no evidence was presented at the case's preliminary hearing to establish that Wortman knew she was endangering her infant son's life when she breastfed him after allegedly smoking methamphetamine.


  1. Whatever happened, or what's going on with the guy that killed one of his illegal pot workers and shot the other? Isn't that guys dad some lawwyer and he is connected with some SoHum notables?

    When does the Kneeland Pot Killer go to trial? He deserves nothing short of life in prison without any parole.

  2. So we now know what attorney Michael acosta and his wife so. Could this be the reason he is also buddies with gallegos and SAlzman? The reason for his donations? What for a massive plea bargain for wife mnaggie


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