Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OK, so this is too funny...

You know how crude the usual Times-Standard comment threads are? This you've gotta see.

Forget Salzman's My Word"" - we already know he's been calling himself a "Health Care Activiist" for quite some time, (which also fits with the planning stages of the manufactured crisis, we're all gonna die!) - besides being fully predictable, he's too late, the "Public Option" is officially dead.

What am I saying? That he astroturfed the comments thread? ◼ I dunno, read it for yourself.


  1. Are you talking about the letter to the editor in the Arcata Eye from September 23?

  2. Here is the One.

    what a deceiving Dick this man is.

  3. I'm sure it is in every paper in the county, maybe even the state. OK, I'll brave the stupid pop-up ads to go back on the TS site to get you the link...
    What can you do to ensure a public option?
    "R Trent" Richard Salzman/For the Times-Standard


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