Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7.9 8.3

Magnitude 7.9 - SAMOA ISLANDS REGION Upgraded to 8.3, with Tsunami

◼ UPDATE: Tsunami advisory issued on North Coast after Samoa quake
According to a National Weather Service tsunami advisory, tsunami waves were expected to begin hitting the North Coast shortly after 9 p.m.
The service predicted a 26-inch wave would impact the coast -- with Crescent City being the most vulnerable. On Nov. 15, 2006, a magnitude 8.1 undersea earthquake struck Japan's coastline at 3:14 a.m. Pacific Time, creating tidal surges that started hitting the Crescent City Harbor just before noon and didn't let up until around 8 p.m.
More than 40 years earlier, a large tsunami generated by an Alaskan quake hit the city in March 1964, destroying 29 downtown blocks and killing 11 people.

Now Wednesday and no reports of damage here

Added info: 9/30/14
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  1. That's getting close to the 300 feet above sea level island my daughter is named after, Uvea. The English name is Wallis Island. We were invited to move to there about 44 years ago and couldn't leave the US. Ended up naming our daughter after this one of the last of the relatively unspoiled Polynesian islands left in the world.

  2. No tsunami expected here, according to the Sacramento Bee.

    Wouldn't that be weird if the earthquake at Samoa Islands caused a tsunami at Samoa peninsula?

  3. KHSU just said the Weather Service has just issued a tsunami advisory for the West Coast. Unclear just exactly where they were talking about. I think they said something about California, Oregon and Washington, though.

    Should we all rush down to the Samoa Bridge and watch Rich [Marks] and Jennifer [Savage] get washed into the sea?


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