Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Grow house investigation leads to busts

Grow house investigation leads to busts
Six people were arrested and nearly 100 pounds of marijuana was seized in Arcata and in McKinleyville on Tuesday after a two-month-long investigation targeting marijuana grow houses.

Kenneth Dru McCasland, 33; Christopher Lee Robinson, 36, and Paul Eugene Aragon, 24, were arrested on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and maintaining a drug house, according to an Arcata Police Department press release.

Jennifer Marie Sandoval, 35; Matthew Dunnigan, 28, and Paul Dunnigan, 24, all were arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale.

McCasland was arrested at his Larry Street residence in Arcata. Officers seized approximately five pounds of processed marijuana, 25 pounds of unprocessed marijuana, nearly an ounce of concentrated cannabis -- or hash -- and $22,000 in cash, according to the press release. Electrical wiring in the home had been modified, officials said.

Robinson was arrested at his residence on the 1300 block of Beverly Drive in Arcata. The electrical system in the home had also been tampered with and was considered a significant fire hazard, officials said. About 25 pounds of unprocessed marijuana was seized along with $12,300 in cash, according to the press release.

Officials said Aragon of McKinleyville and Michigan residents Paul Dunnigan and Matthew Dunnigan were arrested at a residence on the 1800 block of Fir Avenue in McKinleyville.

A 2006 Dodge truck belonging to Paul Dunnigan was found inside the garage and officers reported discovering 38 pounds of processed marijuana inside a hidden compartment in the truck, according to APD. From inside the home, four pounds of hash and $15,000 in cash were seized, officials said.

Sandoval was arrested at a home on the 1000 block of Sunset Avenue. Officers reported seizing four pounds of processed marijuana and $1,200 in cash.

Now let's see what kind of sentences they get.


  1. I was told that the 10 Mexican National's arrested a couple weeks ago with dozens of pounds of marijuana all got misdomeanors and a slap on the wrist. All ten!

    Holy cow, that's a real deterant.

  2. Way to go Paul. It is embarassing that in Humboldt County, DA stands for dumb ass.

  3. Judge Watson actively lobbied for misdemeanors b/c of the cost to the county associated with trying felonies.

    A guy holds a knife to his wife's neck and demands oral sex...probation. A woman nearly kills a guy by stabbing him near the femoral artery...probation. A guy steals a skateboard...prison. Watson's an ass. He and Miles should be recalled.

  4. No, 11:37, you are a liar.

    As you probably know, the skateboard was stolen at gunpoint after a pistol whipping and sexual assault.

  5. There is a big difference if a guy steals a skateboard off a porch when nobody is around vs. beats someone senseless and then takes his skateboard. Or uses a gun ? Now that is crazy.

  6. 4:50 = stupid. Don't know what you're talking about. You must know more than what was presented to the court. It was charged as a PC495, aka possessing the stolen skateboard. The guy sold it to a pawn shop. Don't be an idiot.

  7. meant PC496


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