Monday, September 28, 2009

Not exactly a Blog

But ◼ Seven-O-Heaven is pretty funny.

No blog feed, so they're not in the Blogroll, but you'll find 'em in the NewsStand in the Sidebar. And they're a regular feature in The Journal, yes?


  1. Oh, so that's what that e- mail I got this morning was about.

  2. You too? Yeah, it came across a little, well... confrontive? You know what I'm talking about. But I think he means well.

  3. I wasn't sure what it was about. Thought it might be spam. Looks like Eric got, too, or he saw it on your blog.

  4. How cool do I have to be before I can qualify as being Humboldt enough to be listed on your site? Hopefully I'm getting close.

    My name's Andrew. I do a... "thing" in the North Coast Journal every week which I thought I might as well also put on the web in some bloggy format.

    I try to keep pretty current with a new strip coming out every week.
    Maybe you've seen it. Maybe you love it. Maybe you hate it. What ev'.

    At least consider it.

    Hey, happy to help. Wasn't ignoring you, just didn't know.


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