Thursday, September 24, 2009

How pathetic is this?

A request for 72 hours to read proposed legislation is voted down, by Democrats.

Dems block GOP demand for more time

Not just a request for TIME TO READ it but a to have a full cost-estimate before they vote on it, turned down.

"The American people are angry that Speaker Pelosi didn't allow the public and their elected representatives to read the trillion-dollar 'stimulus' bill or the national energy tax before they were rammed through the House," Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, said Wednesday. "Congress can, and must, do better."

In the Senate Finance Committee debate, Democrats argued that the amendment, offered by Sen. Jim Bunning, Kentucky Republican, was merely an attempt to stall President Obama's top legislative priority.

And there you have it.

Your legislators are not working for you.


  1. Yeah, the Washington Times, or as sane people refer to it, the Moonie Times. Now that's a reputable news source, yes indeedy. I wonder how many of our Superhero Republican war mongering tools have read the Patriot Act, or the Bush request to sen American troops to kill and maim innocent Iraqis in an effort to protect the Bush family's bestest friends in the world -- the House of Saud.

    Where was Boner when Bush made sure the wealthiest one-percent in the country received generous tax cuts? Where was Bunning, who is rapidly unable to stand the strain of being an actual Senator when Bush pushed through his TARP program?

    Oops, that's right, they rubber stamped everything the war criminals in the past administration did, but it's OK if you're a Republican.

    Maybe you can regale us with another poll from that noted news outlet, Investor's Business Daily. After that, you can tell us why investing in our country, rebuilding our infrastructure and ensuring that every citizen has access to quality, affordable health care are such bad things. I won't hold my breath, however, you're an apologist for selfishness, willful ignorance and hate as it is manifested by the modern GOP.

  2. Anonymous, people can have legitimate disagreements without one side or the other being clinically insane. But if I had to pick between you and Rose which sounded nuttier--hands down, man. That's all you. Seriously. You sound troubled.

  3. "The American people are angry that Speaker Pelosi didn't allow the public and their elected representatives to read the trillion-dollar 'stimulus' bill or the national energy tax before they were rammed through the House,"

    And a lot of Americans were angered when the PATRIOT ACT was rammed through,but hey,who cares....the Bush administration was guided by God,so we'll all should just look the other way and be total hypocrites and attack when other administrations ram things through.

  4. M.R. as usual you are a fool. It matter not, who is blocking open access to important information necessary for the public to make informed decisions.

  5. It's called " the Obama transparency"

    Pretty pathetic. But then that's our current prez. The Socialist suepr lefty that where's nice suits. Did I mention he reads a telepromter really really well?

    I'm guessing I won't run into anonymous 2:03 pm at the VFW. Or mresquani either.

  6. You going to go watch Michael Moore's new movie Rose?

  7. "Superhero Republican war mongering tools...."

    You got me there, Sparky.

    Anon0835... Heh,...and make MM even richer by watching his diatribe about the Eeeeevils of Capitalism?

    I'd rather smack Anon1403 with a cluebat.

    *oops, I would.....*

  8. Anon 2:03, you are one kool-aid drinking idiot. Go back to H where you belong. MR as usual full of shit.

  9. M.M. is a very good capitalist. Wonder how Mr. blue dog Mike will vote on a short review time? Seemed like he has his mind made up already. That's what he said at his }laugh-laugh} town hall.

  10. More accurately. I think you could say he has had his mind made up for him.

    There is no other explanation for a man as intelligent as he is to ever consider voting on something he hasn't read and doesn't even know what is in it.

    he's been alive long enough and been in office long enough to know better.

    And notice - btw, all the add-ons, all the "earmarks" and flat out pork that's being added to the bill now. Now only did they not know what was in it before they were scheduled to vote on it, now it is even more distorted.

    Vote every single one - every single one who pushed to pass this before the recess - out of office. Mike Thompson has proven himself to be a worthless tool who is NOT working for the people.

    Very sad, because he was once respected by both sides of the aisle. At least in his District.

  11. If any of this were true, we could get upset.

    The actual truth: the Republicans have self-destructed. The best they can hope for now is a split: a religious party headed by Sarah Palin and a rump Republican party headed by...? Rush Limbaugh?

  12. Rose, have you had a chance to watch the Ken Burns series on The National Parks? It's unbelievable! They turned it into a partisan piece, depicting Republican values as those who fought against the interests that developed the park system. Shame on you PBS!

  13. Rose, you watching the National Park series on PBS?

  14. Just finished the series. They did multiple segments about Ralph H. Cameron, a Republican from Arizona. He reminded me of the modern Conservative. Totally clueless indeed.


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