Sunday, September 27, 2009

The HIgh-Times-Standard's busy week

Pot. Pot, pot, pot, pot. Pot. And more pot. Ok. We know you like Pot.

NORML tackles crime and money Where NORML plots how to make their legalization thing palatable.
Artist lends her talents for NORML conference
Am I missing something? Is this a local artist?
Marijuana advocates discuss growing public support for legalization
”You'll be an unmotivated loser, you'll be a slacker, you'll never get anything done,” Belville said about the stoner stereotype. “And that all changed this year.” Really? That stereotype has changed?
NORML talks pot


  1. I guess that's the price you pay for living in Humboldt County Rose.

    The subject seems to "trigger" something in you. When things get through to me (I have tons of "triggers")

    The only thing that work's for me is to avoid known "triggers." I'm not ashamed to say that was one of the things I learned from many years of intense counseling.

  2. Oh uh, more anti-pot prejudice. As for the pot artist, too bad the local artist who did the original Fillmore posters where she's obviously drawn much inspiration gets no credit that I know of. In fact when I was working with him at the old Hartsook Inn decades ago he and I bitched about how us psychedelic artists got no respect and couldn't sell our work. Galleries not having it then because of drug association and Humboldt stoners of wealth rarely buying art in their much more favored pursuit of purchasing more land to grow pot on. Humboldt County has I've read somewhere more artists per population of any California county maybe any county in the USA, but if you're artist here, Humboldt County is not a place where people buy your stuff even though there's more than enough wealth around to do it.

  3. Well, it depends on what you're calling "art," Stephen.

  4. Is that some sort of slimy putdown comment, anon 3:42? Because if it is and you're applying to psychedelic art, well, if the curator for the De Young Museum of Art liked my psychedelic art was questionable, why did he personally place my painting in the 1975 San Francisco Rainbow Show? Maybe you're one of those people who's hoping modern art will fade away even though cameras made representational art obsolete..

    yeah, get rid of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, Klee. Let's have more Norman Rockwell..
    who I actually like..btw..

  5. make that "thought" instead of "liked" in my comment above..

  6. I detest pot growers

  7. I detest phony artists.

  8. Good for you! Let's hear it for motel room cigarette smoke and velvet art pictures of Elvis on the walls!

  9. Steve

    Did you happen to catch Benjamin Netenyahu's speech last week? I was impressed. But I been impressed with Mr. Netenyahu for some time.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a warrior for a leader instead of a community organizer.

  10. Ah, anon, you've gone and spoiled it now. And here I was thinking you were just another regular Humboldt hypocrite but now you're showing your true colors as a lover of fascists in Jewish form.

  11. Go fuck yourself, Stephen Lewis.

  12. Hey! GFYSL! Long time no see! Glad to see you're over here on Rose's blog instead Eric's where you usually hang with your GFYSL logo.


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