Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Grand from the Blue Lake Rancheria...

Ten Grand for Clif Clendenen.
Clif Clendenen is not far behind with $13,683. Clendenen's largest donation to date came from the Blue Lake Rancheria which contributed $10,000 to his run for office. Wonder how that came about, and what they want in return.
Update: Eric put up a Clendenen press release that says he has accepted a total of $27,342 in donations to date.

And look, Richard Cogswell and Esther Saunoras are back in the donations business, giving $2,000 (is that each? or as a couple?) to Estelle Fennel.

And Bob McKee is donating.... How will that affect John Vevoda's ability to vote on the Tooby Ranch issue if elected?


  1. Oh dear! Does the $1000 donations from Barnum and other timber related businesses mean Rodoni won't be able to vote on the general plan update? LOL

    Of course, I know it doesn't; but many of your posters seem to think that donations to Lovelace preclude him voting on the general plan update.

  2. And why would you, Rose, think Vevoda might not be allowed to vote on the Tooby Ranch because of donations from McKee but no qualms about the donations that Rodoni receives from businesses his vote affects? Can you really be so blind and hypocritical?

  3. Seems to me that ground has already been covered extensively. The difference here is he is taking money from someone who is involved in a legal dispute with the county.

    The problem with Lovelace is not donations - it is a grant from that is for "preserving wildlands" or, in other words, stopping people from living in the country. And that meant this bizarre attempt to direct the General Plan process, and force us all into "infill."

    No living off the grid for you, no property for you, no chopping your own wood, growing your own food,raising livestock, you're gonna live on a postage stamp in town with all the "amenities."

    That's where the hypocrisy lies.

  4. You have to be one of the most ignorant people blogging today.

  5. yep. I still haven't figured out why Esther Saunoras is so interested in Humboldt County politics. Is she registered to vote in Humboldt County yet?

  6. Ask Donald Forrest about the Tribal money.

  7. Cliff only raised 3,683 bucks? but he gets 10K from the tribes? Bad dog, Cliff. Sniff, sniff, Salzman?

  8. 10K from a foreign country.

  9. Ah yes....

    California Agent Disciplined for Fraud

    On Nov. 29, Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi revoked the insurance licenses of Daniel Matthew DeBeikes, of Agoura Hills, for defrauding his clients and selling tribal workers' comp insurance, which the California Department of Insurance (CDI) alleged is illegal. DeBeikes did business as AdvantEdge Staffing California LLC, a staffing company formed in June 2002 as a vehicle to lower workers' compensation premiums for its clients.

    DeBeikes' settlement stipulated that CDI could establish a factual basis for imposing discipline. Correspondingly, his life agent, fire and casualty broker-agent licenses and licensing rights were revoked, and DeBeikes was re-issued a five-year restricted license. In addition, DeBeikes was ordered to pay $50,000 restitution to client-employers, pay a fine of $20,000 and reimburse CDI $30,000 in costs.

    Agreeing to provide staffing services to several California employers, DeBeikes claimed he could lower their workers' comp costs by endorsing those companies' workers onto AdvantEdge's own workers' comp policy with the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). CDI alleged that DeBeikes failed to endorse those various employers' workers onto AdvantEdge's SCIF policy and collected workers' comp premiums from those companies and failed to pay those premiums to SCIF.

    CDI also alleged that he failed to file company payroll reports with SCIF, report injury claims to SCIF, or provide staffing services to California employers pursuant to the terms and conditions of the staffing company agreement.

    DeBeikes allegedly notified his client companies in May 2003 that he was switching each of their workers' comp policies to Mainstay Business Solutions effective June 1, 2003. He reportedly represented that the Mainstay policy was underwritten by Northern United Captive. In fact, Mainstay coverage was underwritten by Blue Lake Rancheria, an American Indian tribe.

    CDI maintained that Mainstay workers' comp coverage is not valid because it violates California Labor Code sections 3600 and 3700. Section 3700 requires that employers obtain workers' comp coverage through an insurer duly authorized to write compensation insurance in the state, or provide proof satisfactory to the state Department of Industrial Relations of the employer's ability to self-insure.

  10. Patty Berg wants to be Insurance Commish. Will she be taking tribal money?


    Woody, 43, is a security officer at the Blue Lake Casino. He has lived in Blue Lake for 24 years.

    Remember how the tribe supported Woody? Gave him cash and things like that?

    TEACHER NABBED FOR CHILD PORN: A former teacher in local elementary schools who recently earned a master's from Humboldt State was arrested by Blue Lake police Sunday on suspicion of possession of child pornography and marijuana. Brian Paul O'Donnell, 44, was a substitute teacher in 2001 and 2002, worked as a student teacher at Jefferson and Dow's Prairie elementary schools, and worked as an aide for Northcoast Children's Services in 2002, according to police. He also worked last year for the HSU Foundation, and was a docent at the Natural History Museum, an HSU spokeswoman said. (His contact with children there was always in the open, the spokeswoman said.) Also arrested on the same charge last week was Christopher Patrick Woody, 45, of Blue Lake, who works for Ray's Food Place as a shoplifting investigator, police said. Police confiscated computers from both men's homes, and video tapes from O'Donnell's, which allegedly contained images of men having sex with children as young as 3. "It is very sick stuff," said Blue Lake Police Chief Dave Gunderson. "Two of us tried to look at it, and they don't pay me enough to do this crap." Local officials were alerted to the cases last week by the U.S. Customs Department, which had begun investigating them in April 2003. The Customs Department is again in charge of the investigation, Gunderson said.

    UPDATE Nov. 29, 2006
    In July 2004, Christopher Patrick Woody pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of possession of obscene material with intent to distribute. He was sentenced to three years of summary probation, and was ordered to pay a fine of $270. Felony charges against Woody were dropped.

    Must be good shit eh hippies if it makes Gunderson sick eh? God Bless the BLR and the BLC.

  12. First the Blue Lake Trailer Park, then that, and now this: Sovereign Immunity: More Blue Lake Rancheria Blues

    Yes, the Blue Lake Rancheria is using its sovereign immunity to defend itself again, this time from an angry California resident who sued the construction company that had done shoddy work when building her home, only to realize that the homebuilder had been sold to the tribe. And once again the Rancheria doesn’t seem to be doing anything illegal — it’s just that they get to play by different rules, leaving a wake of disenchanted Californians behind them.

    But this time the case might make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, pitting the tribe against the Pacific Legal Foundation.

    Seems to me they are not living up to the mythology of the loving caring people...

  13. Look who they make political donations to,then look at their actions. Yes a 10,000 donation is more than a big deal. It's a huge turd in a tiny septic tank.


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