Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WHOA! Wow!

Check out The Journal's Blogthing!
Hank has the latest on the upcoming Sups race.

first Conner Out; Ulansey, Lehman In (now out)
then Third District Shockers Plumley in.
and, then...Earthquake! Wilson out, Lehman out.

The "heraldo" fatwa took out Woolley. Guess Wilson got "heraldo's" next message - stay where we put you.


  1. Mike Wilson is backing out and supporting Mark Lovelace.

  2. Good boy Mike... Stay where you are. We'll let you know what to do next.

  3. What a stupid f*#@ Mike is. He's just smart enough to follow his handlers orders. So now he just make a mess at the harbor.

  4. You could see the maneuverings lover the last week or so - I'm just surprised that Wilson gave in. Most people I've heard from agree he would be the better candidate/Supervisor.

    But Plumley will have instant and widespread support. I think Richard Marks is right, Plumley is the new front runner. Expect a "heraldo" rash of Plumley bashing.

  5. As someone who actually covers every Bay District meeting and has interviewed Mike extensively, I have to say, this characterization of Mike Wilson as a person who "follows orders" is way off base. Just because it's convenient to imagine puppet strings, doesn't make it true, no matter how often it's repeated.

    If people spent more time attending meetings and speaking up public instead of posting anonymously on blogs they might realize that.

  6. You don't see any machinations and you think he is fine with this, Jennifer? Not what I am hearing. Not what I see either with respect to the machinations. They've been going on for weeks.

  7. Do I see political drama? Sure. Do I hear about people working behind the scenes for both good and selfish intent? Heck, yeah – that's par for the course in politics, and Arcata (with respect to the rest of the Third District) is no different, no matter how the players might wish it was. But "machinations" implies deliberate evil intent, and a recurring theme of Mike as puppet to greater powers continues to be put forth; those two beliefs, I think are exaggerated. Greatly. And this is from the vantage point of someone who is immersed in Arcata politics by virtue of her job. Much as I try to not respond to anonymous comments – what a waste of time – having spoken with Mike and having sat through innumerable Bay District meetings (see next week's Eye!), I'm compelled to observe how wrongheaded such statements are. Again, are political maneuverings afoot? Sure. Of course. How do you have an election without them? But evil intent? That depends on your perspective, I guess – but I definitely think the conspiracy angle is way, way off base.

  8. Sorry to double-comment, but as far as being "fine" with this, I can't speak for Mike, obviously, but from what I know of him, he makes up his own mind, so whatever decision-making process he went through, I'm sure it was HIS and that his conscience is clear.

  9. Jennifer you never need to apologize for commenting - alot of us leave multiple bubbles, probably a hangover form Instant Messenger - I think it is too bad Mike didn't run, alot of people I talked to felt he was the better of the candidates before Plumley got in. Wilson had a right to run.

  10. dog running at large3/14/2008 7:14 PM

    Well, at least there's one reporter out there who is without bias. (ahem)

    If you weren't such a refreshingly thorough reporter, I'd suggest a set of pom poms and an 'I Like Mike' T-shirt.

    Y'know, Mike is responsible, articulate and well prepared for the innumerable District and committee meetings.

    But, there's a threshold he won't go beyond. That's base-maintenance and the unforgiving 'leadership' party line. So, jennifer, you don't seem to get the fact that the very real, impending, political self-destruct that hovered over the elections office at the filing deadline, wasn't prevented by the 'boys in the back room.' If you do you're walking over reality to pick up a press release.

    And, you are also right that they all do it....on all sides.

    To frame Wilson as the fierce individualist is a bit naive. The machine spent too much time and energy to get him seated on the Harbor District to risk a split vote in District 3 and, an appointed replacement on the Harbor Com by the remaining triad. Plumley sent the whole nasty business sideways.

    And one quibble:

    You wrote ""machinations" implies deliberate evil intent, and a recurring theme of Mike as puppet to greater powers continues to be put forth; those two beliefs, I think are exaggerated."

    I suggest "machinations" implies deliberate intent, not necessarily 'evil'

    By the way, I love your work. (no sarcasm, you are a really good writer)

    Mike is no different than most elected officials. It's just that some are more blatant about it than others. He does a good job. But, not unlike the rest, he will dance with the date he came with and to the song choices of those who paid the band.

    Whether it's Mike or the machine making the calls, is not clear But, he hasn't deviated yet.

    So jennifer, it's not cynicism, just an observation.

  11. Dog, alas if what you said about Wilson were only true. It Ain't! Try talking to him about real job related issues on the bay. Ask him to finish a thought without drifting into a mantra(ala baykeeper) about how dumb the other commissioners are and you will see this guy is a shill and a dull one at that. He was told to sit this one out period. He is just smart enough to do what his sugar daddy tells him.

  12. dog running at large3/14/2008 9:26 PM

    That's what I meant about the threshold anon.

    He's not dull, but instead an ardent defender of the cause as he sees it.

    I've also heard him speak about the natural bias of his fellow commissioners as if there was a difference between the intractable positions.

    I don't agree with him on the issues. but I don't doubt his commitment or his integrity. Oh and the sugar daddy part is right on. Just like all or most of the rest.

    What got us here is reflected in a quote from Winston Churchill "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

    That my friend is what got us here.

    Mike's really bright guy who has gotten filled with the intoxication of authority and those who will feed his habit.

    He's not alone in this.

  13. Wait'll Mike bucks the backers... then we'll see what happens. All this talk about having the "courage" - to stand up to - who? Dennis Hunter and Ronnie Pellegrini who've been serving long before it became the hot new power sexy position? No, Mike, try sayin' know to you know who and see what happens to you.

    Will it be threats that you'll never work in this town again? Will it be bumper stickers against you? Stickers on parking meters? Just try a little test....

  14. No doubt Dog we all have our agendas. Some are much more balanced than others and perhaps more honest. If Wilson was once smart,which I doubt, he's smoked to much pcp laced pot to make any sence now. One thing for sure,he does not work well in a group.

  15. that same old tiresome fdog3/14/2008 11:47 PM

    Once again you're right on Rose.

    And I am just enough of an optimist to believe that Mike is smart enough to see through this whole strange water curtain sooner rather than later.

    Jill did, John did...Jimmy is figuring it out.

  16. I agree that John got the clear message not to run, but I do not agree that he has turned his back on the out to lunch bunch, quite the contrary.

  17. John will take his state appointment so he can up his antie in the bigger political pond. When Thompson becomes our US Senator John will be one who wants to fill that void. Meanwhile we are still stuck with the 2 off the wall fems on the BOS. We have two great guys who are not loons so filling Woolley's slot will give us a chance at good government for a change. The last 8,10,12 years have been murder on working people.

  18. Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies,Maos Little Red Book, Arcata and the 3rd, You can't make this shit up! I'm greener than you. I hug more trees than you. I do less work than you. I smoke better dope than you. A place where eco-ego-extreem means more than truth. Electing a responsible citizen from there will be next to impossible. The best bet would be to put a fence around the whole damn mess and call it another Nation Park dedicated to stupidity.


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