Sunday, March 02, 2008

You've gotta be kidding.

The activist's are getting their money's worth with Gallegos. Even though his case has been tossed again and again and again, and even though the Appellate Court justices laughed at him, and said in no uncertain terms that even though he has amended his case three times, it has no hope of success, no basis in law - Gallegos has filed a petition for review with the California Supreme Court.

I'm told he has also filed for depublication of the Appellate Court decision. but no verification as of yet.

Service copy of petition for review received. Filed by plaintiff/appellant People of State of California
Record transmitted to Supreme Court.

How much more time and money is going to get wasted on this piece of shit?

Hank had it first
Eric has a thread going...


  1. I don't think you're giving him enough credit Rose. Gallegos is obviously operating on a different plane of reality. In that parallel universe, his lawsuit is brilliant. And so is Ken Miller.

  2. What does depublication mean?

  3. Only a small percentage of appellate cases are published. That means they are binding precedent, and may be cited as authority. An interested party may request that a case be depublished; it doesn't change the result, it just means that the case cannot be cited as binding precedent.

  4. So take me the next step. Why would the crew want this unable to be cited as precedent?

  5. Because they LOST!!

  6. So the mother of all long-term projects goes on.

    Depublication is not automatic.

    Who's going to write the arguments for him this time?

    "The right to lie...?"

    "The world as we know it will collapse if you don't see things Paul's way?"

    I still want to know how that "right to lie" argument applies to Ken Miller, and Schectman, and Salzman...

  7. "The world as we know it will collapse if you don't see things Paul's way?"

    ah, yes, more straw-man construction, rose's stock-in-trade...


  8. "Turns out this case is garbage" PVG
    just after the koolaid king left.

  9. Hmmm, does this suggest that PVG is not confident that the cop cases will survive long enough to
    keep him on his progressive pony?

  10. Ah yes the Progressives.

    I never thought I'd miss Terry Farmer.


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