Friday, March 28, 2008


"Samples are taken regularly during storms and measured in a portable turbidity monitor, and the filtered sediment is weighed in our Sunnybrae sediment lab." That would be Ken Miller "Salmon Forever" (a 501(c)(3) btw) who claims in 2000 "We also serve as a scientific consultant to Voices of Humboldt County, a monthly publication of the Humboldt Watershed Council. The publication’s name comes from a video Salmon Forever and Humboldt Watershed Council co-produced in 1997." Co-produced? CO-PRODUCED? Let me get this straight, Ken Miller's "Salmon Forever" serves as a consultant for Ken Miller's "Humboldt Watershed Council" and he co-produced a video with - himself? It must be a coalition.

A January 21, 2003 press release from
Michael Shellenberger, Salmon Forever, 510-525-9900
Ken Miller, Humboldt Watershed Council, 707-839-7444
Jesse Noell, Salmon Forever, 707-443-7433
Cynthia Elkins, EPIC, 707-923-2931
is titled: Groups Demand Water Board Curtail Excessive Logging
Independent Scientific Panel Says Pacific Lumber Logging Will Prevent Recovery of Five North Coast Watersheds

Ken Miller recently opined, in a My Word in the Times Standard, that The court's decision in the Pacific Lumber case crystallizes a frightening expansion of the “right to lie,” so that the successful cheater (as opposed to one who is caught during the proceeding) is immune from any legal consequences for lying in most government proceedings. The rationale is that the protection of free speech, and finality in permitting processes, are worth the damages resulting from undetected deception.

How does the 'right to lie' argument apply to Ken Miller's own activities? To Humboldt Watershed Council's activities? To that "project" of Humboldt Watershed Council, "Healthy Humboldt Coalition?"


  1. Looks like its time for a docmillerwatch (if you haven't already started one) Your obsession with anyone you perceive as trying to protect the environment is really disturbing, but so long as you restrict your insanity to a blog, there shouldn't be any harm. What could cause someone to hate nature as much as you do? Did you get traumatized by a bee sting as a child or something?

  2. Rather like you don't have to go to church to believe in a spiritual being, you don't have to be a "member" of an org to care about the environment. That's where you keep getting it wrong. If it makes you happy to live in that little fantasy world, keep right on.

    What I don't like is malignant narcissistic dishonest predatory phony con men who create and change "orgs" like a dime store costume, using other people and their high ideals as cover. I don't care for these new age con men who seek to subvert the judicial and legislative systems and manipulate public officials to serve their own ends.

  3. Delusional, hypocritical, self serving justification to smear anyone who stands between you and the buck you are constantly chasing.

  4. Gotta love this Rose

  5. It is YOUR side, 8:52, that specializes in smearing people, and we have seen plenty of examples and plenty of evidence of that in the past few years.

    Salzman's smear campaigns are only one small part of the equation.

    I'm not smearing Ken Miller. I am showing you, using his own words, and by connecting the dots, something that you do not wish people to see.

  6. And, I might add, there is much more to come.


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