Friday, February 13, 2015

Who will the Matthew Brown jury believe?

HCSO denies any connection between Sohum murders despite defense probing - John Chiv/Words Worth

Until last Friday, prosecution witnesses were helping the defense a bit more than the prosecution with their testimony. As the Matthew Brown case concluded Friday, prosecution played two interviews: one which was video-taped right after Matthew Brown was arrested and the second 24 hours later.

In those interviews, the only thing that hurt Matthew Brown was that he denied shooting Neil Decker. Monday through Wednesday morning, the prosecution and defense presented witnesses and Brown's attorney, Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreiss tried to elicit something definitive to build a connection between his client's case and the unsolved murders of Scott Johnson and Garrett Rodriguez. In this post, I am including testimony from when HCSO Sgt. Diana Freese, Investigator Todd Fulton and Detective Jennifer Turner....

So far, no suspect has been identified in the murder of Scott Johnson, the only eye witness, all relevant witnesses agree on was present in the room when Brown shot Decker. When Mr. Elvine-Kreiss tried to question Sgt. Freese about the unsolved murder of Johnson, DDA Kelly Neel objected to this question and the Judge sustained the objection.... KEEP READING

"I was waiting for the day Neil was going to kill me"; Matthew Brown infers who Alderpoint 8 leader was and who they reported to
...Brown said that he was talking to Johnson, he was talking about the welder that Decker stole from Johnson. Anther witness, "Hana" said that Decker (who was upstairs in the office area across the bedroom with "Hana") went in twice in the room and told Brown to mind his own business but Brown said that Decker came in twice and glared at him but he came in a third time and said, "I need to keep his name out of my mouth. and that he was sick of me and that it's over."

Then Brown said Decker reached behind his back (like he had many times before; those time Decker acted like he was reaching for a gun). Given what he had just heard from Decker, Brown was afraid that that was the moment he had been afraid of and that he was going to get killed or shot. "I thought that was the moment."

That is when he shot Decker.

"Did you feel forced to shoot Neil at that moment," asked Mr. Elvine-Kreiss.

"I felt cornered" said Brown. "I had nothing to gain from it."

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