Saturday, February 07, 2015

John Chiv: Murder Mountain Homicide Day 3

"I know some of the things are not to be talked about in the community"

If you have been following the saga of the Rancho Sequoia murder on this blog, in day 3 of the trial for suspect Matthew Brown who is charged with the murder of Neil Decker, testimony continues to lean towards the defense opening arguments. Except for HCSO Sgt. Diana Freese who briefly started her testimony today, and Johanna Hames who testified the last two days, most prosecution witnesses and their testimony so far have helped the defense more than the People....

Today's hearing started off with Scott Johnson's and Neil Decker's friend and Brown's ex-girlfriend Williams ( also known as Kessler) finishing her testimony. Mr. Elvine-Kreiss resumed questioning her. She said "everyone had guns", even people who she didn't recognize but came to Johnson's property on and off.

"Are you in fear of answers you are giving?, asked Mr. Elvine-Kreiss.

"I know some of the things are not to be talked about in the community," Williams responded.... KEEP READING

"He came home and he was really scared; he didn't know what to do; that he just came at him and he had to defend himself"

The quote in the title is from Sarie Stillwell, the young woman Brown started seeing after Williams.
Williams was 11 years older than Brown, Stillwell is 6 years younger. By her own testimony, Williams said she was not in love with Brown. However, she broke up with Brown after learning he had started seeing Stillwell, something he told her. By by her own testimony, Williams had a relationship of convenience with Brown. Stillwell is younger and more attractive compared to Williams. Both women testified that they think of Brown as a friend but both reveal feelings for him from the actions and words on the stand . Stillwell wore her feelings very openly on her sleeve while testifying.

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