Friday, February 06, 2015

John Chiv: Murder Mountain homicide Day 2

Day 2: Key Prosecution witness in Brown case decimated on cross by defense
It is only the second day of the jury trial in the Matthew Brown case. Today, Scott Johnson's girlfriend, Johanna Hames continued her testimony. She was upstairs in an office near the bedroom where Neil Decker was shot.

Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreiss decimated her on cross. Confronting her with inconsistencies in testimony between what she told the pilice and now; making her back pedal when she changed what she said in direct and cross within minutes this morning, her testimony today proved the defense's opening argument.

DDA Neel did a brief redirect which did not help because Hames dug a ditch with her own testimony.
Ms. Neel clearly asked her, "You have taken an oath to tell the truth here today?" and Hames said "yes" and about relevance to which Mr. Elvine-Kreiss asked on re-cross. "So you only tell the truth when it is relevant?" KEEP READING
"Be careful what you say about the Alderpoint 8, media is here... John Chiv is here"
Channel 3 is the only other media present but Decker's family was oblivious to their presence since no cameras are allowed. One of these family members is the same woman who was ejected from the courtroom the first day.
Matthew Brown's ex-gf confirms victim called him "bitch boy" and provoked him into fight
Prosecution's third witness today was Matthew Brown's ex-girlfriend Kara Williams, also known as Kara Kessler.

A conflicted witness, she briefly smiled at Brown. DDA Kelly Neel asked her, "Are you stressed?" She responded with, "I am feeling a lot of things."

Williams cried as she was shown a picture of Scott Johnson, the man who died 4 days after Brown allegedly shot Neil Decker, the victim in this case. She cried every time his name was mentioned this morning.... KEEP READING


  1. Paul was my lawyer once. At the time all the Judges seemed to have a hard on for him. He lost a restraining order against someone that should have been a slam dunk.. Made me think the Good ole' Boy thing was not just a rumor. Made me smile when he got elected.
    After much thought it occurred that it was refused because of corruption in the Sheriff Dept. having to do with C.I's and dirty deputies protecting scumbag liars at the expense of rural folk and a certain person who also got elected to a higher position in the S.O.
    The S.O paints every non city dweller that is neither a legacy ranch owner or corporate timber company with the same tar brush in my opinion.

  2. What does your rant have to do with the subject above? Paul the putz is gone. Take responsibility, instead of blaming everyone else.


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