Tuesday, February 03, 2015

John Chiv: First day of Murder Mountain homicide covers meth, vigilante justice and the Alderpoint 8

TESTIMONY: "He shot me in my fucking heart" is what victim's girlfriend testifies in the Rancho Sequoia murder case
...Toner said she ran upstairs and that "Neil was standing by the window, he looked at his chest and he was bleeding. He said, 'He shot me in my fucking heart.' We said I love you to each other and those were the last words Neil said to me." Toner was crying at this point....
"On that evening, Matt had no choice but to shoot"
"Mr. Brown and I both understand the seriousness and sadness in a case where a human being was killed," is how Brown's attorney, Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreiss started his opening to the jury this morning.

"Mr. Brown tried to work this out with Mr. Decker. Evidence will show that Mr. Decker was intimidating. Mr. Brown shot Mr. Decker in the chest; Mr. Decker shot in self-defense."
Matthew Brown was asked to come to the Johnson home to work out differences. Matthew Brown came over carrying a loaded gun."
DDA Kelly Neel and Brown's defense attorney, Mr. Greg-Elvine Kreiss presented equally compelling opening arguments which were followed by Neil Decker's girlfriend and Scott Johnson's girlfriend testifying this morning.
Is Matthew Brown, a man who gunned down "an unarmed and defenseless" Neil Decker or "on that evening, Matt had no choice but to shoot."
Minutes before opening arguments for Brown, jury told "sudden change"
- John Chiv/Words Worth

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  1. Ok, this was Day 1, the next few days per Chiv appears that the Public Defender is winning this case.


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