Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Updates from John Chiv... busy day...

You'll want to keep checking John's site..."Full court date with Burgess, Brown and Bullock this afternoon. Updates in detail later."

Hearing for change of plea scheduled by defense for Fr. Eric's murder suspect Gary Lee Bullock

A change of plea?

Bullock personally reads not guilty plea by reason of insanity
Judge John Feeney is meeting with attorneys privately tomorrow at 4 in his chambers to discuss this matter further. The private meeting is on the request of Mr. Cockrum. Mr. Issac told Judge Feeney that Mr. Cockrum has now placed "a cascade of administrative responsibilities of your shoulders." Mr. Issac added, "he did have things he wanted to say" he did not oppose the discussion be continued in private chambers. "This will impact jury selection and the trial."

...Bullock in a monotone, emotionless voice read a short script that he was not guilty of the offenses charged. "I believe that I am not guilty of the offenses charged because I was insane at the time...I plead not guilty and deny all allegations."
"Creeper" Burgess evades gang charge but held to answer on other charges after preliminary

Is there a connection between other unsolved murders and the shooting Matthew Brown is charged with? The defense presentS their case - WATCH FOR THE UPDATES

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