Saturday, February 07, 2015

John Chiv: Murder Mountain Homicide Day 4

Neil Decker died of "a single, shotgun wound to the chest" and "his blood was positive for meth"

Day 4 of the murder trial in which Matthew Brown is charged with murder of Neil Decker continued with testimony from HCSO Sgt. Diana Freese. She had started her testimony on Thursday, February 5, briefly before court adjourned at noon. She resumed her testimony yesterday morning. It was brief again and interrupted because Dr. Mark Super, an out of county forensic pathologist, gave his testimony. KEEP READING

"I didn't know I was going to Murder Mountain"; initially Brown denied shooting Decker; says Sheriff deputies saved his life; "I was scared as fuck"

The jury got to see two interviews conducted with Matthew Brown, the murder suspect in the murder of Neil Decker. The first one was done when he was taken into custody on July 23, 2014, five days after the incident. The second one was 24 hours later.

Brown has a full head of hair now but in that interview he is dressed in orange and has a shaved head like his booking photo. Sgt. Diana Freese and Detective Sam Williams interviewed him and it starts with them offering him food, which he scarfs down and thanks them profusely a few times. He had been on the run, hiding in the woods before he was taken into custody. Most of the questioning is done by Detective Williams.... KEEP READING

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