Thursday, May 05, 2011

The "Transportation Opportunities Act" Updated

Floating a plan to tax you by the mile on top of rising gas prices; administration denies. - Red State

The study, which compared average gas prices with median incomes nationwide, also showed that U.S. households spent nearly 9% of their total income on gas last month.
EXCEPT for Washington DC "where drivers spend less income on gas is Washington D.C., where the average household spent just $89 on gas in April, or about 2% of total income."

This new "per mile" would be on top of the gas taxes that are ALREADY in place:
Gasoline Motor Fuel Taxes as of May 2011

"We don't have a spending problem. We have a revenue enhancement problem."

And how would they monitor your 'per mile' usage? Mandatory OnStar? Who's going to pay for that?

And btw - that 'mission creep' is already beginning - State Farm has a new program: They'll give you a break on your insurance bill IF you ALLOW YOUR ONSTAR REPORT YOUR MILEAGE TO THEM.

Big Brother is here, offering you carrots.

Gas Prices in Humboldt County
$4.279 to $4.499 for regular; $4.639 to $.659 for Premium according to Motor Trend's site.

Forget per gallon, how much does it cost you to fill your tank? How much is it costing you to drive to work? What is this adding to you food bill? To the cost of your medications?

WHO IS ASKING THESE QUESTIONS OF MIKE THOMPSON? BARBARA BOXER? WES CHESBRO? What are they going to do? Answer, they've done nothing, too little too late, zip zero nada. We have known about our weakness in this area since the 70s. NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING except add more taxes.


  1. Looks more like a gas guzzling problem.

  2. That chart shows TAXES THAT ARE ALREADY IN PLACE. In California, you are paying taxes on the taxes you pay.

  3. The higher the price of Gas, the more likely people will rely upon Public transit. The reason why DC pays so little in Gas is they have good public transit. Except for the Bay area and LA, we have terrible public transit in California. Right wingers like Rose, are in that group that are trying to shoot down high speed rail and other transit improvements in the US. They are beholden to the Multi-billionaire oil companies. Gas is phenomenally high in Europe, and people take Public Transit.

  4. Lol 2:27. You are typically trolling and sound as dumb as a rock. The configuration and size of the US makes the model of PT that is in the EU inapplicable. BTW your delusions on high speed rail won't fix squat. It'll just waste money NOT solving squat. Smoke another bong hit and kill more brain cells. Sheesh

  5. And remember who it is that fight the railroad locally.

    "Right wingers like Rose" and many sensible people are in full support of rail - for shipping, and for travel - it's cost efficient and makes sense. And they are very much in favor of rebuilding the line between here and the Bay Area. Oddly, it is the so-called enviros who are against it, but, you know maybe a rail line would mean tanks would roll through the redwoods, I don't know.

    Remember, start local, anon 2:27. Put your money where your mouth is.

    What many ARE opposed to are pork-barrel payoffs to corrupt politicians, and that's an entirely different story.

  6. How do we take mass transit when we live 5-15 miles from our work that requires side streets to get there or have to use our cars to do our work. "Right Wingers"? No, it's the left that don't want to drill for oil and bring the gas prices down! They LOVE taxing us all to death.

  7. "Gas is phenomenally high in Europe, and people take Public Transit."

    Have you been to Europe?


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