Friday, May 13, 2011

From The Mailbox:

I don't really know why this person didn't just post their comment, choosing instead to send an email. But since she says, "I do hope that someone posts this up there and the community reads it and reflects upon the words," I figure why not post it.

If I can believe my eyes, for years now I’ve been reading the words of the NARROW MINDED folks up there in Humboldt County & they are still the same. More interestingly, you consistently harbor resentful words against an elderly couple, with nasty mean spirits – often I am positive, very unfounded. Mostly what you want to conjure up to make your own selves important. And in multiple blogs or newspapers! Wow!

I never lived in McKinleyville, but did in Humboldt County, and do remember well how narrow minded and eager all were to create lies and cut folks down. Nothing better to do! Do you all possibly think after years of whipping the Elsebusch couple, maybe all of your narrow minds and unkind words have created the defensive shell around them that you all now despise? The fact You all posted comments over the years about the passion and concern these folks had over issues, which also should concern all of you, too…..and then you all just forgot that and turned on them. Amazing! Anyone ever think to stand beside them, reassure them of your support, as it wasn’t just their fight? Show some unification! Maybe use a little honey in the mix? Why is it so wrong for them to be watch dogs over servants of the people? Which one of you would like to be treated likewise? Why was it wrong for them to want to do something? Maybe if all folks would be more concerned, this country wouldn't be in the mess it is right now!

You might wonder why I care. Well, I read all sorts of blogs and news items rather as a study of humans, especially in these times. It is no small wonder Our Creator is now lowering His almighty power upon earth with acts of nature. WE ARE HERE TO LOVE! Love listens, and looks for a good in all people. If I could look for the good within my own first born son’s murderers, the first day and offer their souls’ redemptions up to Our Creator; then why is it too much to hope humans learn the lesson of love while here on earth and love their neighbors as themselves? So, the answer of why I care is because you offend Our Creator – He made each of you, too! It hurts you don’t love Him enough by thinking about your own words and actions. And reading these ill words years in and years out, has caused my soul to hurt for each of you. I don't hurt for the Elsebusch couple - they most likely stand ok before Our Creator! They've managed to weather all your unkind words.

Perhaps all of your community needs to do an examination of each one’s individual soul! End times? Who cares, one way or the other! We are all born to this earth to DIE – period! We all do die, so end times is not my thing! I wouldn’t like to be in the boots of any of you folks who have said such unkind things over the years about this Elsebusch couple. We all do stand before His Throne, believe it or not! Take it from a human who did step over to Home, stood before His throne and was away from earth 11 minutes. Unfortunately, He lovingly advised me that He needed me to return to earth, which I didn’t really want to do. I think more and more that He sent me back so I could shed tears for Him over we humans lack of Love. We were all created with Love by Him.

It is not what a man puts in his mouth that harms him, but rather what comes out of it! Think about what you write, say or reveal – truth or not, about humans. It is not pleasing! This was written for all of you to reflect exactly why we are here. WE ARE HERE TO LOVE, and that is not love which I’ve read. Remember, too - Our Creator sees all that is written or spoken.

Shame, shame, shame! It was time for me to say enough of this mean spirited game! I do hope that someone posts this up there and the community reads it and reflects upon the words.



  1. What sparked this? Did I miss something?

  2. I have no idea. It came out of the blue. Maybe she will come on and explain.

  3. Rose=Narrow Minded

  4. How can you even comment about this whackadoo. No doubt has missed their medication. After 10 plus years of dealing with this couple and watching their silly ass performances I think I have a pretty good handle on them. This person has no idea of what they are about. Also no idea of objective reality.

  5. Elsebusch has not been a topic here, that I can recall. I did once ask if he ever says anything positive.


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